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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2016 Week 2 Hansard (18 February) . .

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In the case of the former, it is the government's responsibility to identify locations where some level of investment is required to stimulate local interest and private sector confidence. The government cannot simply wait for a brave entrepreneurial soul to see the untapped potential of a less popular local centre. I think we all understand the risks small business owners take when they decide to take that leap and open a local business. By demonstrating to the community that these centres are an important part of the fabric of their suburbs, the communities are more likely to respond and support local investment as it evolves. Therefore these upgrades should enable opportunities for private sector investment.

The suburbs of Belconnen, for example, are going through a mini-revival of sorts right now, with small businesses either popping up or in the planning stages at a number of locations, including Aranda, Macquarie and Cook, as I previously mentioned. We should be doing what we can to support this community-driven moment. In the case where a shopping centre is thriving, has strong private sector support, strong community support and high levels of activity, it is important that government provides a safe and suitable environment for this to continue. I am looking forward to further works getting underway in our group centres in Erindale, Weston and Tuggeranong. (Time expired.)

Mr Barr: I ask that all further questions be placed on the notice paper.

Supplementary answers to questions without notice

Children and young people—out of home care

DR BOURKE: In relation to the questions earlier about tender documents for A step up for our kids, I can advise that as outlined by the government in the tender documents for A step up for our kids, all contracted parties and consortia members were required to provide appropriately qualified and skilled employees under applicable commonwealth or territory laws and/or certified enterprise agreements or awards. Premier Youth Works and the ASU were in disagreement over the classification of youth workers and responsibilities. This matter was resolved to the satisfaction of all parties prior to relevant contracts under A step up for our kids being executed.

Tuggeranong—offensive odours

MS FITZHARRIS: Yesterday Ms Lawder asked some questions regarding government agencies' complaints received since 1 November 2015 about odour in the Tuggeranong valley. I can reply to those questions that the EPA, through Access Canberra, has received 30 complaints, including those forwarded from Ms Lawder's office; and since 1 November 2015 ACT NOWaste has received 13 complaints, five of which were from the same person. So in total it is 43 complaints from the beginning of November last year.

Mr Smyth subsequently asked a question around the flushing of sewerage pipes. I can report from Icon Water that Icon Water does not, as such, flush the Canberra sewerage network. This is not standard practice in the water industry. However, Icon

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