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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders

Prisoners, 1530, 1538
Program funding, 299qn
Reconciliation Day, 2811
ACT Land Development Agency, acquisition policy, 2771q
ACT Policing, lasers, 249q
ACT Work Safety Commissioner, 300qn
Alexander Maconochie Centre
Fires, 2325q, 2880q
Indigenous detainees, 1530, 1538
Appropriation Bill 2016-2017, detail, (Chief Minister, Treasury and Economic Development Directorate) 2511, (Community Services Directorate) 2538, (Justice and Community Safety Directorate) 2706
Block remediation, 1822q
Property sales, 1752q
Education, 1829q
Rates, 1934q
Investment, 2259, 2270
Regulation, 2291
Disabilities, 51q, 261q
Out of home care, 619q
Program funding, 299qn
Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union (CFMEU), 962q, 1016
Director of Public Prosecutions, resourcing, 145q
Youth justice, 1184q
Crimes (Sentencing and Restorative Justice) Amendment Bill 2015, prin, 277
Cycling, helmet laws, 615q
Disability services, Therapy ACT, 500q, 964q, 970q
Drugs, decriminalisation, 850q
Education, expenditure, 1829q
Employment, light rail project, 2628q
Energy, battery storage, 1609q
Environment, Mugga Lane tip, 763q
Business investment, 2259, 2270
Funding priorities, 1469
Poker machines, 1096q
Regulation, 2771q
Deputy leadership, 2464q
Expenditure, 2878q
Integrity, 2099q, 2138
Ministerial code of conduct, 152q, 414q, 1417
Office accommodation, 498q
Office supplies policy, 2475q
Procurement policies, 1138
Internet services, National Broadband Network, 86
Land, acquisitions, 2771q
Legislative Assembly
Health, Ageing, Community and Social Services, 909, 1921
Proposed, trade unions, memorandum of understanding, 1586, 1601, 1603
Youth suicide, proposed select committee, 221
Members, Burch, Ms J, ministerial office, police investigation, 509q
Points of order, 502, 1490
Valedictory, 2846
Ministry, code of conduct, 152q, 414q, 1417
Parking, Phillip, 1842, 1851
Brumbies lease variation, 1401q, 1606q
Tharwa, 851q, 879, 888
Thompson, 1497q, 2326q, 2777q
Tuggeranong, 962q
Reconciliation Day, public holiday, 2811
Black Mountain School, 1615q, 2046q
Seclusion spaces, 51q, 261q
Small business
Development applications, 858q
Importance, 787
Brumbies rugby union club, 1179q
Ground maintenance, 1175q
Tuggeranong Vikings awards, 801
Symonston Correctional Centre, security breach, 2216q, 2231q
Taxation, rates, 1934q
Panning, 851q, 879, 888
Water supply, 2620q
Thompson, planning, 2326q, 2777q
Trade unions
Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union (CFMEU), 45q, 153q, 414q, 432q, 962q, 1016
Memorandum of understanding, 1279q, 1287q, 1294q, 1406q, 1489q, 1586, 1601, 1603, 1707q, 1825q
Royal commission, 136, 163, 250q, 432q, 510q, 2318q, 2879q
Traders (Licensing) Bill 2016, 2291
Cycling, 615q
Light rail, 1182q, 2628q
Offensive odours, 256q, 762q, 865q
Planning, 962q
University of Canberra
Brumbies relationship, 1605q
Procurement process, 2628q
Waste disposal, Mugga Lane tip, 763q
Water, Tharwa supply, 2620q
Westside container village
Cost, 2105q
Improvements, 1927q
Support, 1098q
Worksafe ACT, investigation, 962q
Suicides, 221, 1921
Valuing, 1112

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