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Complaints, 1691qn
Unkempt properties, 859q
ACT Gambling and Racing Commission, staff, 2473q
Appropriation Bill 2016-2017, detail, (Chief Minister, Treasury and Economic Development Directorate) 2495, 2499, (Community Services Directorate) 2525, (Cultural Facilities Corporation) 2542, (Education Directorate) 2548, (Environment and Planning Directorate) 2675, (Housing ACT) 2694, (Transport Canberra and City Services Directorate) 2818
PhotoAccess exhibition, 1441
Tuggeranong Arts Centre, 2274
Building reports, 1612q
Eradication scheme, 2288
Auditor-General, strategic review, 2060
Cultural Facilities Corporation, 1821q
Rates increases, 2223q, 2760q
Calwell, traffic conditions, 667
Canberra Hospital
Infrastructure planning, 2626q
Oxygen supply, 1407q
Centenary Hospital for Women and Children, staffing, 2214q
Adoption, 2186, 2195
Care and protection, 2079
Kindergarten students, 965q
Out of home care, 618q, 630q, 2015
Children and Young People Legislation Amendment Bill 2016, prin, 2015
Clean Up Australia Day, activities, 804, 905
Communities@Work, Best Dressed store, 571
Domestic violence, 508q, 809, 817, 1359q, 1690qn
Graffiti vandalism, 539
Tharwa, 2319q
Cultural Facilities Corporation, management, 1821q
Education, kindergartens, 965q
Energy, renewable, 255q, 1664
Air quality, 1176q
Bins and littering, 1687qn, 1698qn
Clean Up Australia Day, 804, 905
Conservation legislation, 1727
Lower Cotter catchment, 2423
Mugga Lane tip, 763q
National Tree Day, 2713
Residential properties, unsanitary conditions, 2437
Resource recovery, 2367
Weed management, 594, 1284q, 1295q
Williamsdale solar farm, 149q
Community sector levy, 1357qn
Funding priorities, 1486
Gambling, poker machines, 1758q, 1932q
Government, office supplies policy, 2476q
Greenway, planning, 954q
Health, Hearing Awareness Week, 2654, 2662
Hospitals, staff safety, 1174q
Affordability, 1540, 1549
Construction, 1694qn, 2030qn
East Greenway, 954q
Government purchases, 766q, 864q
Homelessness, 421q, 2219q, 2231q
Public, 542, 553, 1690qn
Rental revenue, 1358qn
Tenancies law, 2359
Housing ACT
Asbestos, 1612q, 2048q
Maintenance costs, 1024qn
Safety compliance, 1928q, 2418q
Tenant evictions, 1696qn
Icon Water, assets, 371q
Land, development policies, 2098q
Legislative Assembly
Committees, Public Accounts, 2060, 2288, 2423, 2425, 2805
Deputy Speaker, 590
Points of order, 149, 422, 506, 618, 619, 1496, 2220, 2221
Valedictory, 2837
Lifeline, book fair, 2167
Marymead, services, 1017
Ministry, Minister for Transport and Municipal Services, 1401q
Mugga Lane tip, development, 1679qn
Municipal services, conditions, 985
Nature Conservation Amendment Bill 2016, prin, 1727
Greenway, 954q
Manuka Oval redevelopment, 1401q
Northbourne Avenue, 624q, 1047q
Tharwa, 852q
Thompson, 1495q, 2326q
Tuggeranong, 1099q
Public Health Amendment Bill 2016, prin, 2437
Renewable Energy Legislation Amendment Bill 2016, prin, 1664
Reportable Conduct and Information Sharing Legislation Amendment Bill 2016, prin, 2079
Residential Tenancies Legislation Amendment Bill 2016, prin, 2359
Roads, traffic, Calwell, 667
Ronald McDonald House, activities, 1675
Social welfare, concessions, 485
Taxation, rates, 2223q, 2760q
Crime, 2319q
Planning, 852q
Thompson, planning, 2326q
Trade unions, memorandum of understanding, 1278q, 1707q
Transport, light rail, 1826q, 2629q, 2778q
Arts Centre, activities, 2274
Offensive odours, 184, 194, 255q, 505q, 630q, 761q, 865q, 2040qn
Planning, 1099q
Volunteering ACT, activities, 292
Waste disposal, Mugga Lane tip, 706qn, 763q
Waste Management and Resource Recovery Bill 2016, prin, 2367
Water, supply, 2423, 2425
Youth, Canberra gang show, 2383

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