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ACT Health, workforce culture, 757q
Appropriation Bill 2016-2017, detail, (Community Services Directorate) 2534, (Health Directorate) 2690, (Justice and Community Safety Directorate) 2708

Block remediation, 1822q
Building reports, 1613q
Property sales, 1613q, 1618q
Family violence measures, 1931q
Rates, 1933q
Transport, 1820q
Mount Clear, 2760q, 2776q
Rural fire services, 2097q
Warnings, 2466q
Business, development applications, 858q, 864q
Canberra Hospital
Beds, 1925q
Patient care, 756q
Upgrading, 2620q
Canberra Institute of Technology, audit, 857q
Carnell, Ms K, appointments, 197
Children and young people, playgrounds, 369qn, 370qn, 2040qn
Clubs, lease variation charges, 2767q
Community Services Directorate, multicultural portfolio, 1693qn
Domestic violence, 507q, 1931q
Graffiti vandalism, 527, 541
Cycling, mountain bike trails, 2224q
Disability Services, Therapy ACT, 963q, 970q
Emergency services, McLeod report, 2466q
Emergency Services Agency, importance, 2610, 2636
Energy, renewable energy generators, payments, 254q
Illegal bike trails, 2224q
Residential properties, unsanitary conditions, 2435
Weed management, 1285q
Gambling, casino, 2104q, 2108q
Garran, resurfacing works, 368qn
Government, Liberal Party policy costings, 2476q
Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services, 2408qn
Elective surgery, 154q
Adult mental health unit, 2402qn
Beds, 703qn
Conditions, 968q, 1970, 1980
Secure unit, 705qn, 2029qn
Staff, 688qn-702qn
Mobile intensive treatment team, 687qn
Scholarships, 704qn, 2039qn
Suicide research project, 2038qn
Beds, 952q
Emergency departments, 615q
Obstetrical complications, 1756q
Performance data, 2095q
Workplace culture, 413q
Housing ACT, asbestos, 1613q, 2048q
Citizenship ceremonies, 2037qn
Refugees, 1802
International Women's Day, support, 737
Legislative Assembly
Administration and Procedure, 1912
Youth suicide, proposed select committee, 211, 223
Family friendly workplace, 1909, 1912
Points of order, 950, 1286, 2246, 2468
Questions on notice, unanswered, 1759, 1760
Quotes from the Canberra Times, 2681
Valedictory, 2841
Mental Health Amendment Bill 2016, prin, 1975, detail, 1980
Mental Health (Secure Facilities) Bill 2016, prin, 1970
Ministry, code of conduct, 52q, 152q, 413q
Community contributions, 175, 183
Community groups, 1705qn, 2035qn, 2036qn, 2037qn
Importance, 2248
Languages, 1705qn
Multicultural Festival, 360qn, 451, 1694qn, 2393qn, 2394qn, 2395qn, 2397qn
One Canberra Reference Group Report, 361qn-368qn
Oaks Estate, amenities, 372q
Office of Multicultural Affairs, staffing, 2397qn
Parking, Phillip, 1850
Coombs shopping centre, 2404qn
Farrer shops, 2410qn
Molonglo Valley, 1402q, 1500q
Secure mental health unit, 705qn, 2029qn
Shopping centres, 629q
Stirling, 622q, 2411qn
Telopea school, 1494q, 2047q
Variation 351, 372q
Weston Creek, 824, 837
Public Health Amendment Bill 2016, prin, 2435
Active travel, 2405qn
Street lights, 1181q, 2405qn
Rural fire services, funding, 2097q
Sakyamuni Buddhist Centre, lunar new year celebration, 451
Seniors, rates impact, 2320q
Canberra International Sports and Aquatic Centre, 2403qn
Women, 360qn
Youth, 361qn
Stirling, planning, 622q
Symonston Correctional Centre, security breach, 2216q
Taxation, rates, 1933q, 2320q
Theo Notaras Centre, costs, 1705qn
Trade unions, memorandum of understanding, 1286q, 1707q
Age-Friendly Suburbs Active Travel project, 1706qn
Expenditure, 1820q
Light rail, 45q, 1408q
Weston Creek, planning, 824, 837
Westside container village, businesses, 2032qn
ACT Women's Plan, 2010-2015, 2401qn
International Women's Day, 737
Sport, 360qn
World Refugee Day, support, 1802
Suicides, 211, 223
Sport, 361qn

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