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ACT Civil and Administrative Tribunal Amendment Bill 2016, prin, 1004
ACT Civil and Administrative Tribunal Amendment Bill 2016 (No 2), prin, 1724
ACT Gambling and Racing Commission, staff, 2474q
ACT Health Directorate

Staff, 676qn, 680qn
Workforce culture, 757q
ACT Policing
Lasers, 249q
Resourcing, 500q
Tasers, 683qn
ACT public service, redundancies, 1090q
Appropriation Bill 2016-2017, prin, 1935, detail, (ACT Executive) 2442, (ACT Gambling and Racing Commission) 2447, (ACT Local Hospital Network) 2453, (Chief Minister, Treasury and Economic Development Directorate) 2459, (Community Services Directorate) 2529, (Education Directorate) 2549, (Health Directorate) 2677, (Justice and Community Safety Directorate) 2702, (Legal Aid Commission (ACT)) 2815, (Public Trustee and Guardian) 2815
Appropriation (Office of the Legislative Assembly) Bill 2016-2017, prin, 2827
Eradication program, 890, 901
Management, 954q
Property sales, 1753q
Remediated blocks, land rent scheme, 245
Braddon, change of use charge, Labor Club, 2470q
Family violence measures, 1824q
Transport, 1819q
Business, red tape reduction, 1070, 1078
Calvary Health Care, data integrity, 1611q
Canberra Hospital
Beds, 1925q
Emergency department, 1755q
Infrastructure planning, 2627q
Isolation rooms, 1341qn
Oxygen supply, 1407q, 1500q
Patient care, 755q
Staff, 671qn
Upgrading, 2622q
Centenary Hospital for Women and Children, staffing, 2213q
Clubs, government policy, 1489q
Council of Australian Governments (COAG), meeting, 1094q
Director of Public Prosecutions, resourcing, 146q
Magistrates, 308qn
Powers of attorney, 655, 659
Supreme Court, 2005
Child sexual abuse, 2432
Domestic violence, 1824q, 2092
Motorcycle gangs, 301qn
Restorative justice, 128
Unprovoked attacks, 428q
Victim compensation, 749
Crimes (Serious and Organised Crime) Legislation Amendment Bill 2016, prin, 2295, detail, 2307
Decriminalisation, 849q
Policy, 998
Testing, 765q
Economy, conditions, 2203
Employment, penalty rates, 267
Families, legislation, 395, 400
Family Violence Bill 2016, prin, 2092
Federal spending cuts, 958q
Fiscal management, 1786
Funding priorities, 1456, 1482
Freedom of Information Bill 2016, prin, 2736
Casino, 2104q
Community gaming model, 1635
Poker machines, 2475q
Gaming and Racing (Red Tape Reduction) Legislation Amendment Bill 2016, prin, 2162
Clubs policy, 1489q, 2618q
Deputy leadership, 2463q
Ethics, 1314
Integrity, 2142, 2174, 2184, 2325q, 2756q
Office accommodation, 497q
Priorities, 457, 469
Procurement policies, 1127, 1149
E-cigarettes, 1089
Euthanasia, 495
Smoke-free areas, 1010, 1089
Transplantation, 1007
Health Directorate, doctors' employment, 1337qn
Health Legislation Amendment Bill 2015, prin, 662
Beds and operating costs, 676qn, 678qn, 951q
Emergency departments, 614q
Emergency presentations, 678qn
Infection rates, 427q
Obstetrical complications, 1757q
Peer group listing, 675qn
Performance data, 2095q
Procedural costs, 680qn
Staff safety, 1174q
Workplace culture, 412q
Human rights
Australian Human Rights Commission, 788
Discrimination, 2346, 2357
Freedom of information, 2736
Identity documentation, 395, 400
Legislation, 23, 32, 39
Marriage equality, 437, 2641
Human Rights Amendment Bill 2015, detail, 286
International affairs, New Zealand, Wellington, sister city, 1892
Justice and Community Safety Legislation Amendment Bill 2016, prin, 2013
Justice and Community Safety Legislation Amendment Bill 2016 (No 2), prin, 2432
Justice Legislation Amendment Bill 2015, prin, 395, detail, 400
Land, block 24, city, 1750q, 2420q
Legislative Assembly
Administration and Procedure, 613
Establishment, 6
Proposed, Trade unions, memorandum of understanding, 1598
Deputy Speaker, 592
Members Burch, Ms J, ministerial office, police investigation, 1152, 1167
Points of order, 129, 130, 154, 426, 500, 505, 614, 952, 953, 959, 1290, 1485, 1601, 1602, 1611, 2099, 2100, 2221, 2464
Standing order 213A, 1623
Valedictory, 2733, 2834
Manuka Oval, redevelopment, 1494q
Marriage, same-sex marriage, 437
Burch, Ms J, ministerial office, police investigation, 144q, 145q, 248q
Code of conduct, 1422
Priorities, 387
Personal Violence Bill 2016, prin, 2092
Braddon, 2470q
Brumbies lease variation, 1400q, 1487q, 1621
Molonglo Valley, 1402q
Planning and Development (Land Rent Payout) Policy, disallowable instrument, 245
Powers of Attorney Amendment Bill 2015, prin, 655, detail, 659
Protection of Rights (Services) Legislation Amendment Bill 2015, prin, 23, 32, detail, 39
Protection of Rights (Services) Legislation Amendment Bill 2016, prin, 788
Public Sector Management Amendment Bill 2016, prin, 2373
Red Tape Reduction Legislation Amendment Bill 2016, prin, 1070, detail, 1078
Road Transport Legislation Amendment Bill 2015 (No 2), prin, 91
Road Transport Legislation Amendment Bill 2016, prin, 790
Roads, traffic offences, 91, 790
Small business, importance, 774
Smoke-Free Legislation Amendment Bill 2016, prin, 1089
Smoke-Free Public Places Amendment Bill 2016, prin, 1010
Sport, Brumbies sponsorship, 2103q
Supreme Court Amendment Bill 2016, prin, 2005
Taxation, rate increases, 1230
Terrorism (Extraordinary Temporary Powers) Amendment Bill 2015, prin, 387
Trade unions
Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union (CFMEU), 44q, 1152, 1167
Memorandum of understanding, 1277q, 1288q, 1314, 1490q, 1598, 1700qn, 1701qn, 1702qn, 1703qn, 1704qn, 1826q, 2031qn
Royal commission, 2317q
Transplantation and Anatomy Amendment Bill 2016, prin, 1007
Expenditure, 1819q
Light rail, 117, 2573, 2591
University of Canberra, Brumbies relationship, 1488q, 1604q
Victims of Crime (Financial Assistance) Bill 2016, prin, 749

Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders, budget initiatives, 2633q
Amaroo Scout Group, activities, 2168
Arts, funding, 860q

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander initiatives, 2633q
Family violence measures, 1823q, 1930q
Health funding, 2480q
Innovation partnerships, 1499q
Penalty rates, 1209
Canberra Community Law, socio-legal practice clinic, 1676
Canberra Hospital, emergency department, 1753q
Canberra Institute of Technology, electrotechnology course, 1918, 1921
Advocacy and engagement services, 2323q
Sexuality, 839, 878
Communities@Work, activities, 1559
Community services, human services blueprint, 1617q
Council of Australian Governments (COAG), meeting, 1092q
Courts, youth justice, 1183q
Crime, domestic violence, 854q, 1823q, 1930q, 2169
Conditions, 2198, 2211
Growth, 2101q
Reform, 758q
Employment, jobs growth, 2471q
Battery storage, 768q, 1607q
Renewable, 1178q
Australian Alps, 2775q
Water quality, 2107q
Federal budget, 1403q, 1491q
Federal spending cuts, 955q
Funding priorities, 1452, 1502
Government, transport and services directorate, 1291q
E-cigarettes, 1119
Mental, 969q
Smoke-free areas, 1119
Affordability, 1546
Homelessness, 1283q, 2219q
Immigration, refugees, 1795, 1814
Industrial relations
Long service leave, 1394
Penalty rates, 1209
Legislative Assembly
Education, Training and Youth Affairs, 1050, 1918, 1921, 2290
Estimates 2016-2017, 2056
Members, Hinder, Mr J, inaugural speech, 714
Long Service Leave (Portable Schemes) Amendment Bill 2016, prin, 1394
Moody, Ms J, recognition, 2168
Municipal services, conditions, 986
Parks and Conservation ACT, alps program, 2773q
Territory plan variations, 1262
Tuggeranong, 1102q
Planning, Building and Environment Legislation Amendment Bill 2016, prin, 1431
Planning and Development (Efficiencies) Amendment Bill 2016, prin, 1262
Roads, Majura Parkway, 1412q
Bullying, 839, 878
Safe schools program, 839, 878
Smoke-Free Legislation Amendment Bill 2016, prin, 1119
Sport, ACTSport, 2623q
Integrated system, 2763q
Light rail, 2227q, 2328q
Tuggeranong, planning, 1102q
Water, quality, 2107q
Wells, Mr I, death, 1018
World Refugee Day, support, 1795, 1814
Youth, advocacy and engagement services, 2323q

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