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ACTION bus service

Breakdowns, 1356qn
Bus stops, 2398qn
Buses, 1684qn, 1685qn
City loop, 2418qn
Concessions, 1337qn
NXTBUS system, 2415qn
Page, mnrs, 2053
Patronage, 1342qn
WiFi trial, 2869qn
Advertising, government campaigns, 1329qn
Animal Welfare Amendment Bill 2016, prin, 940, 1086
Appropriation Bill 2016-2017, detail, (Canberra Institute of Technology) 2456, (Chief Minister, Treasury and Economic Development Directorate) 2516, (Health Directorate) 2692, (Transport Canberra and City Services Directorate) 2820
Budget, transport, 1819q
Canberra Institute of Technology, audit, 857q, 1299
Children and young people, out of home care, 630q
Crime, graffiti vandalism, 531
Cycling, mountain bike trails, 2224q
Drugs, medicinal cannabis, mnst, 2283
Dunlop, anti-social behaviour, 1025qn
Economy, conditions, 2208
Economic importance, 156q
Gungahlin petition, 977
Vocational, 2123
Employment, light rail project, 2628q
Bins and littering, 1687qn, 1698qn
Illegal bike trails, 2224q
Jerrabomberra wetlands, 98
Mugga Lane tip, 763q
Mulligans Flat woodland sanctuary, 98
Recycling, 1715
Residential properties, unsanitary conditions, 2077, 2439
Resource recovery, 2369, 2372
Street trees, 1031qn
Weed management, 1284q
Government, transport and services directorate, 1291q
Education petition, 977
Festival, 1319
Chief Health Officer's report, 1958
E-cigarettes, 1121
Euthanasia, 518
Medicinal cannabis, mnst, 2283
Organ donations, 610
Smoke-free areas, 609, 944, 1011, 1121
Transplantation, 1009
International affairs, New Zealand, Wellington, sister city, 1893
International Women's Day, support, 744
Legislative Assembly
Education, Training and Youth Affairs, 2123
Planning, Environment and Territory and Municipal Services, 1774
Members, Porter, Ms M, valedictory, 589
Papers, 978, 1621, 1625
Questions on notice, unanswered, 1760
Valedictory, 2849
Minister for Transport and Municipal Services, 1401q
Priorities, mnst, 378
Mugga Lane tip, development, 1680qn
Municipal services, conditions, 982
Page, bus services, mnrs, 2053
Parking, Phillip, 1846
Farrer shops, 2410qn
Manuka Oval redevelopment, 1401q
Shopping centres, 626q
Weston Creek, 835
Public Health Amendment Bill 2016, prin, 2076, 2439
Active travel, 2405qn
Constitution Avenue, 856q
Copland drive bollards, 1047qn
Majura Parkway, 1409q
Malcolm Fraser Bridge, 2044qn
Projects, 1687qn
Street lights, 1033qn, 2405qn
Traffic lights, 2400qn
RSPCA, services, 940
Smoke-Free Legislation Amendment Bill 2016, prin, 944, 1121
Smoke-Free Public Places Amendment Bill 2016, prin, 609, 1011
Transplantation and Anatomy Amendment Bill 2016, prin, 610, 1009
Age-Friendly Suburbs Active Travel project, 1706qn
Expenditure, 1819q
Integrated system, 2763q
Light rail, 2227q, 2576, 2628q, 2629q, 2778q
Surveys, 1558, 1692qn, 2416qn
Transport Canberra, subunits, 2031qn
Trees, maintenance, 1682qn
Community council, 1558
Offensive odours, 189, 506q, 630q, 761q, 865q, 1305
University of Canberra
Brumbies sponsorship, 1487q
Development, 1751q
Procurement process, 2627q
Waste disposal, Mugga Lane landfill, 763q, 1305
Waste Management and Resource Recovery Bill 2016, prin, 1715, 2369, detail, 2372
Weston Creek, planning, 835
Women, International Women's Day, 744

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