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ActewAGL, trail damage, 297qn
ACTION bus service, Page, 359qn, 1445
Alkira Community Childcare Centre, 673qn
Appropriation Bill 2016-2017, detail, (Chief Minister, Treasury and Economic Development Directorate) 2502, (Health Directorate) 2684
Appropriation (Office of the Legislative Assembly) Bill 2016-2017, prin, 2828, 2832
Asbestos, remediated blocks, land rent scheme, 240
Auditor-General, 2016 strategic review, 1916
Belconnen, municipal services, 1015
Broadcasting, Radio Print Handicapped, 164, 171, 174
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, annual convention, 449
Dunlop, anti-social behaviour, 1025qn
Economy, cost of living, 2344
Energy, individual utility metering, 1028qn
Freedom of Information Bill 2016, prin, 2736, detail, 2743, detail, 2748, 2792
Georges, Ms S, retirement, 2715

Ministerial responsibilities, 353qn
Performance audits, 1679qn
Human rights
Freedom of information, 2736, 2743, 2748, 2792
Freedom of speech, 2721
Land, unmaintained residential blocks, 1327qn
Legislative Assembly
Commissioner for Standards, 1908
Committees, Administration and Procedure, 1255, 1914
Family friendly workplace, 1914
Points of order, 244, 776, 2307
Valedictory, 2839
Multiculturalism, community radio station, 2399qn
Municipal services, Belconnen, 1015
Nurses, stomal nurses, 674qn
Page, playground, 2052
Parking, Mount Rogers Primary School, 296qn
Big Splash Waterpark, 354qn
Building requirements, 1325qn
Draft variation 351, 356qn
Weetangera, 1343qn
Planning and Development (Land Rent Payout) Policy, disallowable instrument, 240
Copland drive bollards, 1047qn
Kingsford Smith Drive, 569
Traffic lights, 2400qn
University of Canberra hospital, 295qn
Small business, importance, 783
Sport, Belconnen aquatic centre, 686qn
World Radio Day, support, 198

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