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ACT Land Development Agency, acquisition policy, 2772q
ACT Policing, resourcing, 499q
ACTION bus service

Flexi bus, 313qn
Free wi-fi service, 314qn
Alexander Maconochie Centre
Detainees, 2059
Fires, 2325q, 2880q
Appropriation Bill 2016-2017, detail, (Canberra Institute of Technology) 2453, (Chief Minister, Treasury and Economic Development Directorate) 2519, (Community Services Directorate) 2530, (Education Directorate) 2543
Bayne, Mr P, retirement, 2421
Bosom Buddies, support, 2024
Broadcasting, Radio Print Handicapped, 172
Education, 1829q, 2420q
Rates, 313qn, 1926q
Canberra Institute of Technology
Audit, 857q
Electrotechnology course, 1920
Canberra Olympic Pool, water efficiency, 50q, 261q
Catholic Schools Week, support, 800
Disabilities, 52q
Grandparent carers, 309qn
Kindergarten students, 964q
Sexuality, 843
ClubsACT, memorandum of understanding, 1279q
Disability services, Therapy ACT, 501q, 514q
Drugs, testing, 765q
Economy, cost of living, 2335
Expenditure, 1829q
Kindergartens, 964q
Literacy and numeracy, mnst, 2066
School closures, 2215q, 2231, 2244, 2247
Schools for all children and young people report, 352qn
Teach for Australia program, 325qn
Casino, 46q
Poker machines, 1279q, 1932q, 2474q
Regulation, 2770q
Clubs policy, 2618q
Integrity, 2100q
Procurement policy, 317qn
Hall, school closure, 2216q
Health, breast cancer, 2024
Aged persons, 311qn
Homelessness, 423q
Red Hill, 1881
Retirement villages, 1735
Immigration, refugees, 1809
Information technology
Cloud computing, 315qn
Strategies and rollouts, 316qn
International affairs, Cyprus, 2382
Internet services, National Broadband Network, 82
Lake Burley Griffin, foreshore redevelopment, 1408q
Acquisitions, 2772q
Block 24, city, 1759q, 2227q, 2327q, 2420q, 2773q, 2879q
Legislative Assembly
Church service, 96
Education, Training and Youth Affairs, 653, 1920
Justice and Community Safety, 12, 375, 720, 722, 1049, 1361, 1710, 2058, 2062, 2421, 2573, 2804
Members, Burch, Ms J, ministerial office, police investigation, 144q
National laws, explanatory statements, 720
Points of order, 66, 421
Valedictory, 2838
Manuka Oval, redevelopment, 1493q, 2870qn
Ministry, Minister for Transport and Municipal Services, 1401q
Block 24, city, 2227q
Brumbies lease variation, 1606q
Building certifiers, 256q
Giralang, 371q
Lake Burley Griffin foreshore, 1408q
Manuka Oval redevelopment, 1401q
Red Hill, 419q, 1055
Stirling, 623q
Telopea school, 1494q
Red Hill
Development, 419q
Public housing redevelopment, 1055, 1881
Retirement Villages Amendment Bill 2016, prin, 1735
Roads, Constitution Avenue, 856q
Rotary Club of Belconnen, United Mission Hospital, Tansen, Nepal, 666
Black Mountain School, 1614q
Breakfast clubs, 326qn
Bullying, 843
Enrolments, 1198, 1208, 1350qn, 1955
Hawker Primary School, 1021
Information and communications technology, 317qn
Out of state students, 1351qn
Psychologists, 322qn
Safe schools program, 843
Seclusion spaces, 52q, 2034qn
Students with complex needs, 2278
Elder abuse, 1044qn
Employment, 310qn
Housing, 311qn
Policies, 1512, 1528
Seniors Week, activities, 1020
Social welfare, concessions, 472, 488, 626q
ACTSport, 2222q
Brumbies rugby union club, 1092q, 1180q, 1707q, 2103q
Facilities, 2662, 2673
Ground maintenance, 1175q, 1294q
Hall of fame, 624q
Management, 351qn
Participation, 504q, 631q
Stirling, planning, 623q
Taxation, rates and concessions, 685qn, 1926q
Mentoring, 319qn
Professional development, 324qn
Specialist positions, 321qn
Tharwa, school closure, 2216q
Trade unions
CFMEU, 963q
Memorandum of understanding, 1288q
Transport, light rail, 1091q
University of Canberra
Development, 1751q
Procurement process, 2627q
Westside container village
Costs, 851q
Support, 1097q
Worksafe ACT, investigation, 963q
World Refugee Day, support, 1809

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