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Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders, program funding, 299qn
Appropriation Bill 2016-2017, detail, (Chief Minister, Treasury and Economic Development Directorate) 2498, (Community Services Directorate) 2533, (Housing ACT) 2696
Asbestos, building reports, 1612q
Auditor-General, reports, 1956
Belconnen, workplace fatality, 2570
Budget, family violence measures, 1930q
Business, penalty rates, 1216
Canberra Olympic Pool, water losses, 50q, 261q, 710qn, 1340qn
Children, sexuality, 875
Community services, human services blueprint, 1615q
Community Services Directorate, multicultural portfolio, 1693qn

Domestic violence, 853q, 1930q, 2150
Graffiti vandalism, 540
Education, school closures, 2241
Employment, penalty rates, 273
Families, legislation, 402
Family Violence Bill 2016, prin, 2150
Community sector levy, 1357qn
Funding priorities, 1467, 1501
Homelessness, 422q, 640, 1281q, 2217q, 2231q
Public, 547, 1416, 1690qn
Rental revenue, 1358qn
Housing ACT
Asbestos, 1612q, 2048q
Maintenance, 1024qn, 1956
Safety compliance, 1928q, 2418q
Tenant evictions, 1697qn
Human rights
Discrimination, 2352
Identity documentation, 402
Marriage equality, 442, 2650
Privacy, 1272
Citizenship ceremonies, 2037qn
English language programs, 1439
Refugees, 1807
Industrial relations
Long service leave, 1394
Penalty rates, 1216
International Women's Day, support, mnst, 734, 746
Internet services, National Broadband Network, 87
Justice Legislation Amendment Bill 2015, detail, 402
Legislative Assembly
Administration and Procedure, 1915
Public Accounts, 640
Youth suicide, proposed select committee, 220
Family friendly workplace, 1915
Members, Porter, Ms M, valedictory, 587
Papers, 76
Points of order, 244, 2666
Questions on notice, unanswered, 1760
Valedictory, 2570
Long Service Leave (Portable Schemes) Amendment Bill 2016, prin, 1394
Marriage, same-sex marriage, 442
Ministry, code of conduct, 414q
Community contributions, 179
Community groups, 1705qn
Community radio station, 2399qn
Framework 2015-2020, 1745
Funding and support, mnst, 1370
Grants to community groups, 2036qn, 2037qn
Importance, 2252
Languages, 1706qn
One Canberra Reference Group Report, 362qn-368qn
National Multicultural Festival
Costs, 2393qn, 2394qn, 2395qn, 2396qn, 2397qn
Non-government contributions, 2394qn
Support, 360qn, 620q, 1046qn, 1694qn, 1745
Office of Multicultural Affairs, staffing, 2397qn
Parks and Conservation ACT, alps program, 2773q
Personal Violence Bill 2016, prin, 2150
Bullying, 875
FEVER footballathon, 1318
Ground maintenance, 1175q, 1294q
Hall of fame, 625q
Participation, 502q, 631q
Safe schools program, 875
Training grants, 1319
Women, 360qn
Youth, 361qn
ACTSport, 2222q, 2331q, 2623q
Canberra International Sports and Aquatic Centre, 2403qn
Facilities, 2667
Olympic Games, 2383
Paralympics, 2717
Youth participation, 361qn
Theo Notaras Centre, costs, 1705qn
Trade unions, memorandum of understanding, 1277q, 1707q
ACT Women's plan, 2010-2015, 2401qn, 2486
Economic progress, mnst, 730
International Women's Day, mnst, 734, 746
Workplace Privacy Amendment Bill 2016, prin, 1272
World Refugee Day, support, 1807
Sport, 361qn
Suicides, 220
Valuing, 1113

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