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Complaints, 1691qn
Parking operations, 1355qn
Unkempt properties, 859q
ACT Gambling and Racing Commission, staff, 2473q
ACT Land Development Agency, acquisition policy, 2772q
ACT public service
Administrative overhead costs, 305qn
Executive staff, 1352qn, 1699qn
Redundancies, 1090q, 1180q
Standards, 1867
ActewAGL, trail damage, 297qn
ACTION bus service, free wi-fi service, 314qn
Alkira Community Childcare Centre, 674qn
Appropriation Bill 2016-2017, prin, 1760, refcom, 1949, detail, (ACT Executive) 2446, (Chief Minister, Treasury and Economic Development Directorate) 2523, (Superannuation Provision Account) 2816, (Treasurer's Advance) 2825
Appropriation (Office of the Legislative Assembly) Bill 2016-2017, prin, 1770, 2831
Block remediation, 1822q
Eradication program, 895
Management issues, 298qn, 954q
Property sales, 1613q, 1618q, 1753q
Auditor-General, reports, 1105
Aviation, direct international flights, 47q
Braddon, change of use charge, Labor Club, 2469q
Budget 2015-2016
Program funding, 306qn
Rates and concessions, 313qn
Review, 62
Budget 2016-2017
Cultural Facilities Corporation, 1821q, 2419q
Family violence measures, 1823q
Presentation, 1760
Rates, 1926q, 1933q, 2223q, 2412qn
Investment, 2264
Licences, 1865
Pricing regulations, 2002
Red tape reduction, 932, 1074, 1079
Regulation, 2293
Canberra, coat of arms, mnrs, 1709
Capital Metro
Business case, 1504
Costs, 2045qn
Postcards, 2412qn
Care and protection, 2084
Playgrounds, 2040qn
Protection, 1895
Sexuality, 865
Government policy, 1488q
Lease variation charges, 2767q
ClubsACT, memorandum of understanding, 1278q
Community services, funding, 633
Council of Australian Governments (COAG), meeting, 1092q
Crime, domestic violence, 1823q, 2088
Cultural Facilities Corporation, management, 1821q
Disabled persons, care and support, 2004
Conditions, 2205
Cost of living, 646, 2338
Growth, 2101q
Mining boom, 2875qn
Performance, 416q
Reform, 758q
Trade missions, 1331qn
Election Commitments Costing Amendment Bill 2016, prin, 2430, 2808
Employment, jobs growth, 2471q
Environment, air quality, 1176q
Epiaxis Therapeutics Pty Ltd, breast cancer treatment, 262
Business investment, 2264
Election commitments, 2430
Federal budget, 1403q, 1491q
Federal spending cuts, 956q
Fiscal management, 1782
Funding priorities, 1461, 1483
Government expenditure, 263, 2428, 2784, 2878q
Liberal Party policy costings, 2476q
Franklin, government contracts, 1041qn
Casino, 46q
Poker machines, 764q, 1097q, 1278q, 1932q
Regulation, 2770q
Clubs policy, 1488q, 2618q
Deputy leadership, 2463q
Ethics, 1312
Executive contracts, 1414
Integrity, 2141, 2178, 2324q, 2756q
Land development policies, 2881q
Ministerial arrangements, 613, 1277
Office accommodation, 497q
Office supplies policy, 2475q
Priorities, mnst, 13, 461
Procurement policy, 317qn, 1133
Red tape reduction, 932
Transport and services directorate, 2043qn
Government Procurement (Capital Metro) Amendment Bill 2016, prin, 1504
Greenway, planning, 955q
Health, breast cancer, 262
Construction, 1695qn, 2030qn
East Greenway, 955q
First home buyer grants, 304qn
Government purchases, 766q, 864q
Non-rateable dwellings, 1352qn
Statistics, 1683qn
Human rights marriage equality, 2645
Icon Water, assets, 371q
Immigration, refugees, 1800
Independent Competition and Regulatory Commission Amendment Bill 2016, prin, 1563, 2002
Information technology
Cloud computing, 315qn
Strategies and rollouts, 316qn
Catastrophic injuries, 1239, 1565, 1662
Third-party, 1105
International affairs
China, mnst, 1362
New Zealand, Wellington, sister city, 1887, 1894
Singapore, mnst, 1362
Lake Burley Griffin, foreshore redevelopment, 1407q
Acquisitions, 2772q
Block 24, city, 1750q, 1759q, 2226q, 2327q, 2420q, 2773q, 2872qn, 2879q
Development policies, 2098q
Glebe Park acquisition, 2601
Rent block surrenders, 2045qn
Sales, 2878qn
Unmaintained residential blocks, 1327qn
Land Development Agency
Annual report, 970
Conduct, 1820q, 2419q
Properties, 1681qn
Legislative Assembly
Coat of arms, mnrs, 1709
Establishment, 10
Estimates 2016-2017, 932, 2428, 2833
Justice and Community Safety, 2110
Proposed, trade unions, memorandum of understanding, 1590
Public Accounts, 633, 2114
Reports, 2109
Deputy Speaker, 590, 592
Burch, Ms J, ministerial office, police investigation, 144q, 145q, 248q, 509q, 1157
Porter, Ms M, valedictory, 579
Office of the Legislative Assembly, 1770
Papers, 18, 59, 433, 769, 970, 1104, 1298, 1415, 1774, 1949, 2111, 2332, 2482, 2786
Questions on notice, unanswered, 1759
Valedictory, 2732, 2833
Legislative Assembly (Parliamentary Budget Officer) Bill 2016, prin, 1816
Lifetime Care and Support (Catastrophic Injuries) Amendment Bill 2016, prin, 1239
Lifetime Care and Support (Catastrophic Injuries) Amendment Bill 2016 (No 2), prin, 1565, 1662, 2004
Manuka Oval, redevelopment, 1493q, 1651, 2870qn, 2871qn
Code of conduct, 1420
Ministerial arrangements, 613, 1277
Phones, 329qn
Responsibilities, 354qn
Motor vehicles, registration, 706qn, 1357qn
Our Canberra newsletter, publication, 1025qn, 1027qn
Block 24, city, 2226q
Braddon, 2469q
Brumbies lease variation, 1400q, 1487q, 1605q, 1606q, 1624
Community group site allocations, 2032qn
Greenway, 955q
IKEA site, 330qn
Lake Burley Griffin foreshore, 1407q
Secure mental health unit, 2029qn
Stirling, 622q, 2411qn
West Belconnen, 2114
Public Sector Management Amendment Bill 2016, prin, 1867, 2379, detail, 2380
Rates (Pensioner Rebate) Amendment Bill 2016, prin, 1772, 2090
Red Tape Reduction Legislation Amendment Bill 2016, prin, 932, 1074, detail, 1079
Reportable Conduct and Information Sharing Legislation Amendment Bill 2016, prin, 1895, 2084
Revenue Legislation Amendment Bill 2016, prin, 1863, 2295
Road Transport (Third-Party Insurance) Act 2008, review, 1105
Parking revenue, 1036qn
Speed and red light cameras, 1347qn
Street lights, proposed sale, 1181q
Safer Families Levy Bill 2016, prin, 2088
Bullying, 865
Safe schools program, 865
Pensioner rebates, 2090
Policies, 1521
Rates impact, 2320q, 2880q
Social welfare, concessions, 477, 626q
Sport, Brumbies rugby union club, 1091q, 1179q, 1707q, 1751q, 2103q
Stirling, planning, 622q, 2411qn
Charitable organisations, 305qn
Land tax, 2041qn
Legislation, 1863
Rates and concessions, 685qn, 1225, 1772, 1926q, 1933q, 2320q, 2760q
Reforms, 2877qn
Revenue and costs, 1040qn, 2295
Stamp duty, 303qn
Tourism, direct international flights, 47q
Trade unions
Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union (CFMEU), 44q, 152q, 1157
Memorandum of understanding, 1288q, 1289q, 1312, 1590, 1701qn, 1702qn, 1703qn, 1704qn, 1825q, 2031qn
Royal commission, proposal, 2317q, 2879q
Traders (Licensing) Bill 2016, prin, 1865, 2293
Autonomous vehicles, mnst, 724
Light rail, 1504, 2589
Tuggeranong, offensive odours, 255q, 505q, 2040qn
University of Canberra, Brumbies relationship, 1604q
Waste disposal
Grant review, 1563
Mugga Lane tip, 707qn
Water, prices, 1563
Westside container village
Businesses, 2033qn
Cost, 851q, 2105q
Improvements, 1927q, 2419q
Support, 1097q
World Refugee Day, support, 1800

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