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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2015 Week 7 Hansard (4 June) . .

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(5) Housing ACT property files are marked as potentially containing asbestos materials. Any action taken regarding those materials is also noted on file. Housing ACT continues to ensure all its new and current tenants are provided with a fact sheet on managing asbestos and an Asbestos Advisory form, as part of signing or renewing their tenancy agreement. The fact sheet includes advice on what to do in the event that materials, possibly containing asbestos are damaged. In addition, the ACT Government has a web site that provides comprehensive advice for all members of the Canberra community.

Public Housing tenants can also call the 24 hour seven day a week maintenance line if they have any questions or concerns. Tradespeople who work on public housing properties are trained in working with products that contain asbestos. The aim is to minimise disturbance and therefore the release of asbestos fibres. Where a tenant or contractor suspects that a public housing property may contain asbestos and the area is damaged or is about to be disturbed due to building activity, a sample is taken from the site and tested to determine the presence or absence of asbestos. This information is passed to the tenant and contractors undertake works accordingly.

Human rights—vulnerable people (Question No 417)

Ms Lawder asked the Minister for Community Services, upon notice, on 7 May 2015 (redirected to the Chief Minister):

(1) How many Working with Vulnerable People card spot-checks has the Office of Regulatory Services conducted in the following periods; (a) 1 May 2013 to 30 April 2014; and (b) 1 May 2014 to 30 April 2015 inclusive.

(2) What is the breakdown of sectors in which Working with Vulnerable People card spot-checks were conducted in the period specified at part (1) above, including homelessness services, health services and youth services.

(3) Have any organisations been checked more than once in the period specified at (1) above and; if so, how many organisations have been checked more than once.

(4) Where a breach has been found, what follow up activity has been undertaken.

Mr Barr: The answer to the member's question is as follows:

(1) The Office of Regulatory Services has conducted the following inspections in relation to the working with vulnerable people scheme

(a) From 1 May 2013 to 30 April 2014 - 208 premises were visited

(b) From 1 May 2014 to 30 April 2015 - 286 premises have been visited.

During the period 1 May 2014 to 30 April 2015 - 2619 individual registrations were checked

As the Act commenced on 7 November 2012 and provided 12 months for incoming individuals to register before any offence provisions came into force, the Office of Regulatory Services did not undertake spot-checks on WWVP registration cards

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