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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2015 Week 3 Hansard (18 March) . .

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I commend Mr Doszpot for the motion today. It is one of those rare occasions where you see Mr Doszpot getting angry at some of the things that have been happening. The passion he brings to representing his constituents needs to be commended.

Debate interrupted in accordance with standing order 74 and the resumption of the debate made an order of the day for a later hour.

Sitting suspended from 12.21 to 2.30 pm.

Questions without notice

Health Directorate—openness and transparency

MR HANSON: My question is to the Minister for Health and it concerns data integrity in the ACT Health Directorate. Minister, on 12 March the Auditor-General announced that she will conduct a performance audit of data integrity in the ACT Health Directorate and consider "the integrity of activity-based funding data reported by the ACT Health Directorate to the Independent Hospital Pricing Authority". In addition, the audit will "report on the effectiveness of ACT Health's management of the data". I also note that the ACT Health quarterly report for July to September 2014, which would normally be released in December, has not yet been released. Minister, what advice have you received concerning the need for a performance audit of data integrity in the ACT Health Directorate?

MR CORBELL: I have not received any such advice. The auditor has chosen to audit this area, and the government welcomes the audit. We will work with the auditor as appropriate to provide her with whatever assistance she requires to allow her to conduct the audit. I think it is sensible that we audit the accuracy of data collection and reporting, because the data that goes to the independent pricing authority is important in determining appropriate levels of payment by the authority through the federal government. I think it is a sensible approach. There are no specific issues of concern that have been brought to my attention, but it is an audit that will, I trust, confirm the adequacy of the Health Directorate's capacity to report that data to the pricing authority. If it identifies issues of concern, we will obviously use that audit to further improve practice.

MADAM SPEAKER: A supplementary question, Mr Hanson.

MR HANSON: Prior to the announcement, what have you done personally to ensure integrity of data within the ACT Health Directorate?

MR CORBELL: I have, as I have right across the health portfolio, ensured that I am advised, to the greatest extent that I reasonably can be, of activities and emerging issues within the Health Directorate. There has been nothing brought to my attention that would suggest that there are any emerging issues in relation to this particular area.

MADAM SPEAKER: A supplementary question, Mr Coe.

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