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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2015 Week 1 Hansard (10 February) . .

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We have the most rigorous and strongest harm minimisation policy and framework of any jurisdiction for clubs. The first and fundamental one is that electronic gaming machines are held with the community club sector. They are not owned by casinos. They are not owned by private entities; they are owned by community clubs. What I was seeking to do, in discussion with the clubs, was to enhance our harm minimisation by having an input limit on the value that anyone can put into the machine in a playing period.

I accept, and I have admitted on the record, that the regulation was out of step with the following regulation that would have brought in that input limit. But I ask Mr Hanson and the Liberals to say what are their views on our community clubs. He talks about the damage caused by clubs. But it was Mr Hanson who said that those who own clubs are morally bankrupt, ethically bankrupt.

Mr Hanson: That is a lie.

MS BURCH: You have said, you have made a reference to an owner--

MR ASSISTANT SPEAKER (Dr Bourke): Ms Burch, sit down. Mr Hanson, withdraw. You will withdraw that.

Mr Hanson: I will withdraw. It is Labor owning the clubs that is morally bankrupt, as Jon Stanhope says.

MS BURCH: In the Canberra Times it is said that it is morally and ethically bankrupt that an owner of the club—and he has named the club—operates and regulates machines.

Mr Hanson: Name it. Quote it properly.

Mr Smyth: Yes, read the full quote.

MS BURCH: Let us be clear: the Labor Party owns a club. It is the same with the Southern Cross Club and the Hellenic Club.

Opposition members interjecting—


MS BURCH: Are they too morally bankrupt—

Mr Hanson interjecting—

MS BURCH: for reaping benefits, if I can speak. They have made decisions, reaped profits from poker machines and that is morally bankrupt. I will say—

Mr Hanson interjecting—

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