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Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders, agreements, 1230q
ACT Emergency Services Agency, reform, 2872q
ACT Health
Accommodation, 4020q
Performance, 1219q
Animals, commercial breeders, 1059
Australian public service, Belconnen, 120
Business, policy, 2720q
Canberra Hospital
Emergency department, 1621q
Energy use, 3084q
Canberra Institute of Technology, importance, 1088, 1110
Health, 4253q
Out of home care, 166q
Community services
Roundtable, 3212q
Social inclusion, 950q
West Belconnen, 3090q
Compensation, workers compensation, 827q
Convention centre, cost, 282q
Council of Australian Governments (COAG) meeting, 2327q
Access to justice, 997
Procurement process, 484q
Youth justice, 294
Domestic violence, 58q, 734q, 3756q
Restorative justice, 2725q
Cycling, active transport, 1628q
Defence, Anzac centenary, 1166
Disability services, national disability insurance scheme, 611q
Domestic Animals (Breeding) Legislation Amendment Bill 2015, prin, 1059
Asset recycling, 608q
Employment growth, 4017q
Policy, 1806q
Canberra College Cares program, 1043q
Early childhood, 295
Parental engagement, 941q
Skills development, 1119q
Teachers, 830q
Tertiary, 958
Vocational, 4145q
Emergency services, infrastructure and personnel, 405q
Increases, 4017q
Seniors, 1222q
Business efficiencies, 3084q
Renewable, 162q, 2295, 2337, 2588q
Wind, 3001q
Renewable energy, 162q, 2295, 2337, 2588q
Water quality, 2867q
Federal government, budget, 1700q, 1705q, 1813q
Government, social inclusion, 850
Cancer treatment, 4133q
Dental, 284q
Infrastructure, 2212q, 3120, 3869q
Mental health, 820q, 3198q
Suicide prevention, 422
Women and Children and young people, 4253q
Hospitals, University of Canberra, 727q, 1039q, 1618q
Investments, 4139q
Project commitments, 2331q
Public, 1115q
Industrial relations
Long service leave, 489q
Public holidays, 3005q
Legislative Assembly
Education, Training and Youth Affairs, 1173, 1208
Justice and Community Safety, 997
Valedictory, 4314
Multiculturalism, festivals, 402q
National Multicultural festival, success, 402q
Belconnen, 120
Consultations, 1126q
Policy, 271q
Statement of intent, 4249q
Urban renewal, 49q, 622, 2574q
Active transport, 1628q
Congestion, 281q
Construction, 3207q
Majura Parkway, 4026q
Coombs community school, 3097q
Coombs Primary School, 1622q
Safety, 2221q
Uniforms, 3860q
Seniors, employment, 1222q
Social welfare, community sector, 521, 534, 1708q
Stern, Ms S, death, 222
Tongs, Captain B OAM, MM, death, 222
Tourism, events, 619q, 1219q
Light rail, 55q, 937q, 3625q, 3630q, 4256q
Public, 3621q, 3744q
University of Canberra, support, 395q
Water, quality, 2867q
Domestic violence, 58q, 734q
Health, 4253q
Youth, justice system, 294

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