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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2014 Week 11 Hansard (23 October) . .

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In terms of the RED framework and rolling that out, it has been effective and it continues to be evaluated. We will have a look at what that says when it comes back as to whether we need to make further improvements in this area.

MADAM SPEAKER: A supplementary question, Ms Berry.

MS BERRY: Chief Minister, how does the RED framework assist with addressing bullying in ACT government services?

MS GALLAGHER: I think the most important result of having the RED framework is consistency across the ACT public service, a consistent message, a consistent process for handling issues that are covered by the RED framework—and there is a whole range of them, not just dealing with behaviour within the workplace—but also I think the feedback that we are getting from staff is that it has certainly enabled them to be better informed about the processes. The RED officers within workplaces are certainly working hard to continue to roll out that message.

As to other changes we are making across the ACT public service, I will be bringing some legislation to the Assembly very shortly. The creation of the ACT public service code of conduct and the new performance framework assist us with the job. But I believe there have been gains made in the last few years. There is more work to do, but overall the ACT community is very well served by a professional public service. Where there are examples of bullying and harassment, from the Head of Service and the directors-general down, they know that is something that is not condoned by the ACT government.

Brian Hennessy Rehabilitation Centre—closure

MRS JONES: My question is to the Minister for Health. Minister, the Canberra Times reported on 17 October that Brian Hennessey house has been slated to close. This rehabilitation centre is an inpatient facility providing a recovery-focused model of care for mental illness with a rehabilitation setting. The centre currently has supported accommodation for up to 30 people with varying mental health needs as well as rehab, extended care, respite care and subacute facilities for residents. Given the significant gap this will leave in the delivery of case-managed care, what support will be available for clients who rely on this centre when it is closed?

MS GALLAGHER: I welcome the question from Mrs Jones and her interest in mental health services in the ACT. Brian Hennessy Rehabilitation Centre has been flagged for closure. This fits in with the building of the new University of Canberra hospital and the secure mental health unit. We are aware there will be a need to provide other services for those clients who may not be appropriate to go to either of those two facilities and that that will require further movement into supported accommodation and supports provided around that.

We are very aware of that; that is why the planning for this has been underway for some time. I know some information sessions were held in October to start talking with residents and carers and staff, and that will continue. I am hopeful that the amount of time we have will ensure that people feel they have had the information they need to prepare for the change that will be coming.

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