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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2014 Week 11 Hansard (21 October) . .

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MS PORTER: Minister, what are the particular features of this land that make it so suitable for this facility?

MS GALLAGHER: I thank Ms Porter for the question. This land was deemed suitable after a lot of consultation with the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community. Prior to any decision being taken about the land there were discussions held with the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community. There were visits to the site for those individuals to consider whether it was appropriate for the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander bush healing farm. The response back was very strong that this was an area of land with spiritual connectiveness and importance to the local traditional owners and that it had all of the required features, including access to water, that were important for traditional healing to occur. It was with that in mind that the government settled on this block.

The first question from the opposition was about the delays to this project. One of the things that the call-in allowed to happen on the second and less controversial DA was to provide that certainty. I had watched this project for a long time and had seen some of the lengthy delays through the planning process. I had listened to the Indigenous elected body, who specifically raised this with me as being of continuing concern, as to what could be done to ensure that we could get on and build as soon as possible.

I think the Assembly's view, and it has been for some time, is that this is an important part of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health and improving health care. This facility provides a new service option that we have not had before, and now we have the certainty to get on and build it.

Members interjecting—

MADAM SPEAKER: Order! Ms Porter has the floor, not the Chief Minister, whose time has expired, nor Mr Hanson.

Education—national curriculum

MS PORTER: My question is to the Minister for Education and Training. Minister, can you update the Assembly on the implementation of a national curriculum in the ACT? In particular, what components of the curriculum have been implemented and what advantages does the national curriculum have for jurisdictions like the ACT?

MS BURCH: I thank Ms Porter for her question. The ACT government is indeed committed to the implementation of the Australian curriculum in all ACT schools. The Australian curriculum gives every young Australian a relevant, rigorous, balanced and robust curriculum, irrespective of where they live, their circumstances or the school they attend.

In 2011 the ACT government began its implementation of the Australian curriculum in all public, independent and Catholic schools. Importantly, teachers from government and non-government schools have participated as writers and reviewers of the curriculum documentation, have trialled and provided feedback on learning

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