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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2014 Week 10 Hansard (24 September) . .

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If passed, the Fair Work Amendment Bill and other measures, such as the parental leave extension provision and the right of entry changes, will obviously adversely affect Canberra workers. That is why I support Ms Berry's motion, which calls on the government to continue to support small business in the ACT through the business development strategy and red tape reduction, and to continue to support the payment of penalty rates and a loading for employees who work unsociable hours.

Debate interrupted in accordance with standing order 74 and the resumption of the debate made an order of the day for a later hour.

Sitting suspended from 12.30 to 2.30 pm.

Questions without notice

Canberra Hospital—patient care

MR HANSON: My question is to the Minister for Health. Minister, I have received correspondence from a constituent about their care at Canberra Hospital. The patient suffers from an autoimmune disease that causes large blisters on the skin that can be life-threatening for older people. The patient is also unable to walk without a frame. I quote from their letter but delete the names and dates:

      •     Saturday: [The patient] was in bed with NO walking apparatus. I asked [the nurse] if she could get one for him. She said 'no' that I should bring one in from home.

      •     Sunday: I again asked [the nurse] for a bariatric frame. She said it was not possible.

      •     Monday: The patient was not showered or bed bathed on Saturday, Sunday or Monday.

      •     Monday Night—the patient had an accident with the urinary bottle and spilt it in his bed. He rang for a nurse to assist him to change and get clean sheets, and when [the nurse] came she said "I am too busy I will come back later." She didn't return. [The patient] sat for hours in urine soaked clothes.

      •     As he was left sitting in urine for hours it was no surprise he developed within 24 hours huge blisters on the back of his thighs ...

      •     Thursday: [The patient] had then asked [the nurse] to assist him to the bathroom, and she replied that "he did not need help to get to the bathroom and that she was too busy."

      •     [The patient] stayed in hospital for much longer as his blistering was so severe. It required dressing and higher doses of intravenous antibiotics. It took six weeks of dressings twice daily to bring the skin to closure stage. The damage on the back of his thighs is still quite visible.

The letter concludes:

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