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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2014 Week 9 Hansard (17 September) . .

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been a range of surveys and other interaction with Canberrans. In relation to specific projects, they will of course be subject to individual development applications and each of those will have a consultation process.

There will also be a consultation process on the estate development plan that the Economic Development Directorate is currently preparing for the first stage of works of city to the lake, which will commence next year and include the West Basin waterfront, the boardwalk, cyclepaths, footpaths and a range of other amenity upgrades in West Basin. That will be the first stage of the project. There are also a number of other elements associated with the Parkes 3 site that is currently under community consultation—in fact, it closed last month—and that will be subject of course to further engagement with the community as that particular element of the project moves towards a construction phase.

MADAM SPEAKER: A supplementary question, Mr Wall.

MR WALL: Minister, what cost will be associated with the use of geothermal technology to heat this pool, as previously reported?

MR BARR: The proposal was put forward as an idea in relation to geothermal by those associated with the development of the project. Geothermal is not something that the government has endorsed at this stage. It is simply an idea that was put forward at an industry forum and that was reported by a journalist. It has never been ACT government policy. We will look at a range of environmental initiatives associated with the city to the lake project. Neither I nor anyone within the cabinet has suggested or endorsed that particular approach. We will look at a range of options for heating a swimming pool. Geothermal will be amongst them, but it has not been endorsed as the proposal for heating that swimming pool.


MS BERRY: My question is to the Treasurer. Treasurer, what actions has the ACT government taken to support the territory economy in the past 12 months?

MR BARR: A significant number of actions. I thank Ms Berry for raising this important matter. We have provided a range of new initiatives within the budget and within the stimulus package that the Chief Minister announced. That has included a range of targeted tax cuts and a range of incentives to bring forward new investment.

We have established Invest Canberra, our investment facilitation body. We have been actively seeking national and international-level investment in the economy. We have advanced and fast-tracked the release of four civil contracts for estate works in Moncrieff and we have established the Canberra innovation network to link business and entrepreneurs with an aim of accelerating innovation and promoting growth to maximise wealth creation within the economy.

We are focusing on a number of key areas of strength within the ACT economy, most notably in higher education, ICT, our export markets, and also seeking to reduce red tape in partnership with industry through a number of bills. One, I understand, is soon to be brought back for debate in this place.

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