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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2014 Week 8 Hansard (14 August) . .

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(1) What is the cost of producing the following videos placed on the ACT Government's YouTube account (a) Capital Metro in 1 Minute, (b) Overview of the Capital Metro Project, (c) Ride on Board with Capital Metro, (d) Capital Metro Consultation Launch, (e) Congestion is Crippling our Cities, (f) Public Transport is the Glue that Binds Great Cities, (g) The Importance of Having a Vision for Canberra, (h) Light Rail has the Power to Transform Cities, (i) Planning for Healthier People and a Healthier Environment with Light Rail, (j) Strengthening Canberra's Green Character, (k) The Importance of Landscape Quality, (l) Connecting with Nature through Capital Metro, (m) The Importance of Renewable Energy, (n) Considering the Future of Transport in Canberra, (o) Redefining Northbourne Avenue, (p) Recognising Canberra as a Place to do Business, (q) Canberra's Coming of Age, (r) Your Chance to Shape the System, (s) Jobs for Locals, (t) Capital Metro is Encouraging Smarter Land Use, (u) Why this Route?, (v) Benefits of City Living, (w) Where do we put the Growth?, (x) What is City Building?, (y) Urban Infill, (z) Using Light Rail to Create a Sustainable City, (aa) Integrated and Active Transport, (ab) Learning from Other Cities, (ac) Stop Locations, (ad) Active Transport system, (ae) Health Benefits of Light Rail, (af) What is Different about Light Rail, (ag) Integration with the Bicycle Network and (ah) Consultation with Community Groups.

(2) Were any individuals, outside of those who are permanent full-time employees of the Capital Metro Agency or the Chief Minister, Treasury and Economic Development Directorate, paid to appear in the videos referred to in part (1); if so, (a) who was paid to appear in these videos and (b) what amount was each person paid.

Mr Corbell: The answer to the member's question is as follows:

1) 34 videos were produced. The total cost was $37,710.

2) No.

Capital Metro Agency—staffing and contracts (Question No 309)

Mr Coe asked the Minister for Capital Metro, upon notice, on 7 August 2014:

(1) What is the current staffing profile at the Capital Metro Agency, according to the employment categories of (a) permanent full-time staff, (b) permanent part-time staff, (c) temporary full-time staff, (d) temporary part-time staff and (e) casual staff.

(2) What are the total weekly wages, including superannuation, for the staff referred to in part (1).

(3) How many contracts has the Capital Metro Agency entered into which are currently ongoing.

(4) In relation to the contracts referred to in part (3) what is the (a) name of the party who has entered into the contract with the Capital Metro Agency, (b) date the contract was signed, (c) date the contract is due to end, (d) amount of money already paid to the contractor as per the contract; and (e) amount of money currently outstanding which is to be paid to the contractor.

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