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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2014 Week 8 Hansard (14 August) . .

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(29) What was the (a) 2013-14 and (b) 2014-15 Federal Government capital contribution for (i) the fit out and other capital of the setup and (ii) anticipated future year ongoing annual capital expenses, for the Belconnen WiC.

(30) What is the anticipated annual depreciation costs for the Belconnen WiC.

(31) What is the ACT Government operational budget for the Belconnen WiC for (a) salaries, (b) salary on-costs including Shared Services (i) human resources, (ii) information technology and (iii) procurement, (c) management overhead, (d) training, (e) financial management and audit, (f) professional audit and standards, (g) consultancies and reviews, (h) consumables and supplies, (i) building services including cleaning, indoor plant hire, interior maintenance, exterior maintenance and other building services, (j) other TCH provided support services, (k) general practitioner mentoring, (l) marketing including TV, radio, print, billboard, bus, sport venues and others, (m) all other operational costs and (n) the total 2014-15 budget including all overheads.

(32) What is the (a) 2013-14 and (b) 2014-15 Federal Government contribution to the operational budget for the Belconnen WiC.

(33) In relation to the Belconnen WiC, what is the (a) FTE, (b) classifications of all staff who work in the WiC, (c) number of nurses in the WiC, (d) number of staff in other roles in the WiC and (e) average annual salary of an individual (i) WiC nurse and (ii) support staff.

(34) In relation to the Belconnen WiC, for July 2014, what has been the number of (a) patients, (b) presentations, if not a patient, (c) patients who did not wait and (d) patients assessed by a nurse who were (i) provided with an Interim Care Plan, as described in the Hansard of 18 March 2014, p 440, (ii) fully treated by a nurse, (iii) redirected to a general practitioner, (iv) redirected to CALMS, (v) redirected to Imaging, (vi) redirected elsewhere and (v) received some other outcome.

(35) In relation to any and all of parts (1) to (34) above, where the costs cannot be separated, for example, advertising for WiC may be budgeted for Tuggeranong WiC and Belconnen WiC together, will the Minister provide the pro-rata figure requested for each individual question.

Ms Gallagher: The answer to the member's question is as follows:

It is not possible to answer the member's question without authorising an unreasonable diversion of ACT Health's time and resources and as Minister for Health, I decline to do so.

I would be pleased to offer the member a general verbal briefing on the operations of the Walk in Centres.

Capital Metro Agency—videos (Question No 308)

Mr Coe asked the Minister for Capital Metro, upon notice, on 7 August 2014:

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