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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2014 Week 8 Hansard (12 August) . .

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MADAM SPEAKER: A supplementary question, Dr Bourke.

DR BOURKE: My question is to the Minister for Economic Development. Minister, what are the key features of the LDA proposal for the Canberra brickworks?

MADAM SPEAKER: This is becoming a little complex because the question was directed to the Minister for Planning. We have had answer ping pong here. I will allow the question but I think that we need to be a bit rigorous about these sorts of things and try to keep it in one area if possible. We will be indulgent on this occasion but also I think members need to be a bit rigorous about where the questions go. The Minister for Economic Development.

MR BARR: Thank you. I understand that there will be confusion between the independent planning authority's assessment role and that of a proponent. In this instance, where the government is acting through the Land Development Agency as the proponent of a development, there is an important distinction and an important series of processes that are necessary to allow for an independent assessment by the planning authority. The planning authority should not be both a proponent and an assessor of a project, and that is an important distinction and one that the government is particularly conscious of in the context of development proposals such as this one.

The point to be made in response to Dr Bourke's supplementary question is that the government is seeking a reuse and activation of the Canberra brickworks and the opportunity for some community access, commercial opportunities and significant parks, playgrounds and public amenity associated with that particular part of the project. There is also a commercial and mixed use development aspect as well as residential components that vary in scale from two storeys closest to the existing Yarralumla suburb and, the further away from the existing Yarralumla suburb you go and the closer you get to the major transport corridors, the higher the density of the proposed development.

However, there is, as we indicated in last week's debate in this place, a long way to go in this project before a development application for an estate development plan is lodged, let alone a territory plan variation, national capital plan changes and an environment and biodiversity conservation act consideration—years of work ahead. This process will evolve over time. (Time expired.)


MRS JONES: My question is to the minister for education. Minister, the chair of the Franklin Early Childhood School recently wrote to the Canberra Liberals, the Chief Minister and senior members of the Education and Training Directorate, amongst others, expressing concern that there is no defined pathway for year 3 for those currently attending Franklin Early Childhood School. He advises that Franklin is a shared zone for years 3 to 6 between Harrison and Palmerston primary, but that Harrison was unable to accept enrolments this year and Palmerston is not considered an appropriate place for many families. Minister, regarding capacity, what primary school plans do you have for families with young children living in Franklin and the surrounding suburbs?

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