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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2014 Week 7 Hansard (7 August) . .

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9) Parents and carers are important to the process of identifying and nurturing giftedness. A series of parent factsheets, including FAQs, was released in May 2014 to support the Gifted and Talented Students Policy. The factsheets assist parents to work in partnership with their school to meet the needs of their child. The Education and Training Directorate will continue to support parents of gifted and talented children through parent information sessions, updating of factsheets and the inclusion of updates on gifted and talented education in school newsletters. Parents and carers can request an Individual Learning Plan (ILP) to support the development of their gifted and talented student.

Hospitals—modern decision support simulations (Question No 291)

Mr Hanson asked the Minister for Health, upon notice, on 15 May 2014:

(1) Given that many large complex organisations, including hospitals, now use software-based, system-wide simulations sometimes called modern decision support (MDS) that enable real management prediction, as distinct from forecasting, "what if" experimentation and analysis of reasons for actual and simulated outcomes, does The Canberra Hospital (TCH) use MDS; if so, (a) which MDS programs are in use, (b) which levels of management at TCH use those applications and (c) how are they used.

(2) How is MDS integrated into decision-making processes at TCH.

(3) Does any current MDS system at TCH support (a) demand management, (b) activity and resource control, (c) tactical and strategic planning, (d) staff allocation and staffing requirements, (e) budget and financial control and requirements, (f) risk management, (g) stores requirements and (h) response times to emergencies.

(4) If MDS is not used at TCH, has the potential of this type of management tool been evaluated for the TCH; if so, which systems have been evaluated and with what outcome.

Ms Gallagher: The answer to the member's question is as follows:

(1) The Canberra Hospital (TCH) does not currently use any MDS systems.

(2) N/A

(3) N/A

(4) TCH evaluated a simulation modelling research proposal in late 2013. The proposal involved considerable cost and, given also that the hospital is currently undertaking Project Venturi - a three year project that will provide a whole of hospital approach to improving patient flow - it was decided not to proceed with the proposal.

Government—contracts (Question No 293)

Mr Coe asked the Minister for Economic Development, upon notice, on 15 May 2014 (redirected to the Treasurer):

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