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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2014 Week 7 Hansard (7 August) . .

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Ms Gallagher: The answer to the member's question is as follows:

Answers to the member's questions are at Attachment A.

[See Ministerial Travel Reports at]

Education—gifted and talented students (Question No 290)

Mr Doszpot asked the Minister for Education and Training, upon notice, on 15 May 2014:

(1) How many ACT public schools currently offer a Gifted and Talented program.

(2) At what schools is such a program offered.

(3) Over what class years are these classes offered.

(4) How many (a) students and (b) teachers are involved in these programs.

(5) What specialist training is offered to teachers to prepare them for teaching gifted and talented classes and what ongoing professional development is available for them.

(6) What key performance indicators are used to assess the value and success of each of these programs in each school and class setting.

(7) What are the selection criteria for students for these classes and are all children assessed for suitability.

(8) If not all children are assessed for suitability, how are students identified for testing or selection.

(9) What engagement is there with parents of children who are selected for these classes and can parents insist their child be included in such a program.

Ms Burch: The answer to the member's question is as follows:

1) All ACT public schools are required to offer developmentally appropriate educational provisions and strategies for gifted and talented students. Under the ACT Education and Training Directorate's Gifted and Talented Students Policy, school principals are responsible for ensuring this provision. This may include a partnership with external agencies.

2) As above.

3) ACT public schools are responsible for meeting the educational needs of all gifted and talented students, regardless of the grade level.

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