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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2014 Week 7 Hansard (7 August) . .

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They were actually helping themselves to an extra $320 from every Canberran, and that was just from the power bills alone. That was a $9 billion hit taken out of our economy—$9 billion taken out of our economy. That is just unacceptable. The people of Australia had a pretty clear view on this. You will remember that it was Ms Gillard who conned the people of Australia by saying, "There will be no carbon tax under the government I lead."

MR ASSISTANT SPEAKER: Mr Hanson, you will withdraw that.

MR HANSON: "Conned" them?


MR HANSON: She said one thing and then implemented another.

MR ASSISTANT SPEAKER: Mr Hanson, that is my ruling.

MR HANSON: I will withdraw, Mr Assistant Speaker. But I think we all know what happened. Ms Gillard said before an election, "There will be no carbon tax under the government I lead," and then she implemented one. So you can call that, I suppose, what you like.

Mr Barr: Finish the sentence. What did she say? "There won't be a carbon tax but I will put a price on carbon."

MR HANSON: You are defending it. Mr Barr is defending it. So he thinks that Ms Gillard told the truth to the people. He thinks that it is okay, as long as you can read the fine print. So you agree? You are going to support Ms Gillard. We know that Mr Barr has his own problem. When he says, "Rates won't triple," it is a matter of saying, "But don't read the fine print." "When you said 'triple', I didn't realise you meant 11.6 years. I thought it was some time in the next century." So Mr Barr has his own little carbon tax problem going on, doesn't he? It is no wonder he is so quick to defend Ms Gillard and her carbon tax statement.

The thing is that the Labor Party still want the carbon tax. They vote for it; they keep voting to keep the carbon tax. And they did so recently. On 10 July in the Senate, for the fourth time, they voted for the carbon tax; they would not support the repeal. On 14 July in the House of Representatives they would not vote against the carbon tax. On 17 July they would not support the repeal of the carbon tax. The Leader of the Opposition, Bill Shorten, was interviewed on radio by Chris Uhlmann, who said: "To be clear on that, you will campaign in the next election to introduce a carbon price?" Bill Shorten said, "Yes." "Yes, we will."

The irony is that at the last election the federal Liberals went to the people and said, "We have a very clear mandate. We have a very clear agenda to scrap the carbon tax." I do not think anyone can dispute that. And the people of Australia said overwhelmingly, "Yes, we want that scrapped." But once it has come into the parliament, what are Labor and the Greens doing? They are refusing to accept the will

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