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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2014 Week 7 Hansard (7 August) . .

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I am keen to have the benefit of cross-sectoral discussions on topics that do not just impact on one school or one system. Already in my time as education minister I have seen great cross-sectoral discussions on curriculum, teacher training and professionalism, and parental engagement. I want to see more of these discussions and to provide a forum to allow them to take place. I would like to see more alignment and cohesion in the provision of school education across the three sectors, because we can truly maximise the outcomes for students when all schools work together. While we must continue to respect the differences between schools and systems and value the diversity and the choice that we offer families, I would like to ensure that the boundaries between them do not limit our thinking.

Both GSEC and NGSEC have provided me with frank and thoughtful advice on the position paper. I want to thank both councils for their consideration. As required under the Education Act, I have tabled their advice.

Planning and Development Act 2007—variation No 318 to the territory plan

Papers and statement by minister

MR GENTLEMAN (Brindabella—Minister for Planning, Minister for Community Services, Minister for Workplace Safety and Industrial Relations, Minister for Children and Young People and Minister for Ageing): For the information of members, I present the following papers:

Planning and Development Act, pursuant to subsection 79(1)—Variation No. 318 to the Territory Plan—Tuggeranong Town Centre—Zone changes—Amendment to the Greenway precinct map and code—Amendment to the parking and vehicular access general code, together with background papers, a copy of the summaries and reports, and a copy of any direction or report required.

In accordance with the provisions of the act, this variation is presented with the background papers and copies of the summaries and reports.

I ask leave to make a statement in relation to the papers.

Leave granted.

MR GENTLEMAN: Today I am tabling draft variation 318 in my capacity as Minister for Planning. I would like to take an opportunity to thank my colleague Simon Corbell MLA for getting this variation to the territory plan to this point. I fully support the outcomes it will achieve for the Tuggeranong town centre and for the broader Tuggeranong community.

Variation 318 to the territory plan is based on a sound policy platform. It proposes to implement the key elements of the Tuggeranong town centre master plan. The master planning process was conducted over several years and included four separate rounds of public consultation between November 2010 and February 2012. The final

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