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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2014 Week 7 Hansard (6 August) . .

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MS LAWDER: Minister, how is Therapy ACT measuring the current and future take-up rate of their current clients to the NDIS?

MS BURCH: With respect to the clients that we know, we are certainly working to schedule and introducing them to the NDIA. At that point it really becomes a matter for the individuals, their families and the agency to complete those plans. As I said, it has been a tad over a month, and certainly people are recognising the change, but nothing is coming to me to say there is great concern out there. With respect to those families, those individuals that have recently been born or are not known to Therapy ACT, if we become aware of them through our normal mainstream intake system, we will refer them. If they are within that phase-in group, we will refer them on straight-off to the NDIA, and support them as we can through our broader play groups and mainstream services.


MS LAWDER: My question is to the Minister for Territory and Municipal Services. Minister, there now have been several instances of vandalism of government property by animal activists opposed to the government's kangaroo cull program. On 18 June 2014, the media reported that you said that "the 'senseless act of vandalism' was disappointing" and "This all costs the government and it's an unfortunate additional expense that is borne by the Canberra taxpayer." Minister, what form of civil disobedience against governments is acceptable?

Mr Corbell: Point of order.

MADAM SPEAKER: Mr Corbell has a point of order.

Mr Corbell: I think the question asks Mr Rattenbury for an expression of opinion. Further, it is hard for me to see how his observations on matters in relation to civil disobedience in general fall within his ministerial portfolio responsibilities.

MADAM SPEAKER: On the first part of the point of order, I think that it is possibly a line ball. Could you just repeat the question, please—the actual question.

MS LAWDER: Certainly. What form of civil disobedience against governments is acceptable?

MADAM SPEAKER: Do you want to make a contribution to the point of order, Mr Coe?

Mr Coe: I do, thank you. Look, I think—

MADAM SPEAKER: In that case, you usually say, "On the point of order, Madam Speaker". It is just so that I am not mind reading all the time.

Mr Coe: On the point of order, Madam Speaker, if we are going to get into the habit of calling such questions out of order because they are an expression of opinion, we

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