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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2014 Week 5 Hansard (15 May) . . Page.. 1579..

what we are doing. That is what I did yesterday when we opened 24 extra beds at Calvary. That will assist them greatly with their bed occupancy in that hospital.

MADAM SPEAKER: Supplementary question, Ms Lawder.

MS LAWDER: Minister, who authorised the change in targets relating to safe performance levels?

MS GALLAGHER: This would have been a decision taken on advice by the Health Directorate. I will come back to you when that decision was made, because I think it was more than a year ago.

Mr Hanson: You made that decision.

MS GALLAGHER: I think it was more than a year ago, Mr Hanson. I cannot recall signing off a brief on it, but I would have been advised in some way, and I support it. It was informed particularly—and I will check on the level advice—when I visited a number of facilities in Melbourne which are funded to have occupancy levels of 95 per cent. It is not a recent decision I have taken. It has been in place for some time.

Mr Hanson: So you did take it.

MS GALLAGHER: I cannot recall, Mr Hanson, but I will come back and inform the Assembly of when that change occurred. I believe I have appeared before several annual reports and estimates hearings with that as the target, but I will check the record and come back to the Assembly.

Mr Hanson: On a point of order on relevance, Madam Speaker, the minister said that she would come back and say when the decision was made. The question was who made the decision.

MADAM SPEAKER: That is not a point of order. The minister had finished answering the question.

Environment—Molonglo Valley annual report

MS LAWDER: My question is to the Minister for Economic Development. Minister, section 6 of the Molonglo Valley national environmental significance plan, which was adopted in September 2011, refers to annual reports, and I quote:

The report will be completed within five months of the end of each financial year and will be made publicly available.

Minister, why is the Molonglo Valley annual report for 2013 not available to the public, given it was required to be completed no later than 1 December last year?

MR BARR: I will seek an explanation as to the availability of the report and provide that to the member.

MADAM SPEAKER: A supplementary question, Ms Lawder.

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