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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2014 Week 5 Hansard (13 May) . . Page.. 1380..

MADAM SPEAKER: Stop the clock please. Mr Hanson, if you have a point of order, stand and say "a point of order".

Mr Hanson: A point of order, Madam Speaker. My point of order is on relevance. The question I have asked was specifically whether the minister takes responsibility for the three-year delay. And I would ask her to say whether she takes responsibility or not. Perhaps if it is not her fault, she could point out whose it is.

MADAM SPEAKER: Mr Hanson, I have heard the Chief Minister say "I take responsibility"twice in the answer to the question, at least, and I do not have the power to direct the Chief Minister to answer the question the way you would like it to be answered.

Mr Hanson: I appreciate that, Madam Speaker. On the point of order, the Chief Minister is saying, "I take responsibility for building this facility."My question is about the delay. I know that she takes responsibility for building it, because she put it in the budget. The question is: this is a three-year delay. Who is responsible, if not the minister? And I want to know whether she takes responsibility for that delay and the broken promise or not.

MADAM SPEAKER: The broken promise was not in your question. I would ask the minister to be directly relevant to the question, which was: do you take responsibility for not opening the centre three years ago?

MS GALLAGHER: Thank you, Madam Speaker. I do have two minutes to answer the question, and I will say, yes, I take responsibility. Yes, there is context to the decisions that I have taken around that, which are all reasonable and rational. The third thing I would say is: I went to the election in 2012 with a clear position on this. The community have judged that. They have made their decision and they, I believe, Mr Hanson, elected me No 1 in Molonglo.

Opposition members interjecting—

MADAM SPEAKER: Are we going to have a conversation across the chamber or are we going to have questions?

Mr Hanson interjecting—


Mr Coe interjecting—

MADAM SPEAKER: Mr Coe, it is question time, not conversation time.

Crime—parole breaches

MR DOSZPOT: My question is to the Attorney-General. In 2011-12 the Sentence Administration Board considered 103 breaches of parole. Of these, 33 per cent of

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