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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2014 Week 4 Hansard (7 May) . . Page.. 1189..

Mr Coe interjecting—

MADAM SPEAKER: Order, Mr Coe! Minister Burch has the floor.

MS BURCH: Thank you, and I do thank Mr Gentleman for his question, because in the main—

Mr Wall: On a point of order, Madam Speaker.

MADAM SPEAKER: Stop the clock, please.

Mr Wall: I think we have got repetition in questions here. Earlier Ms Porter asked the question, "How did the community respond to the Fringe Festival?"

MADAM SPEAKER: No. Mr Gentleman asked how did they respond to the program. It is a perfectly reasonable question. It is not the same question, and it does not infringe the standing orders. It does not infringe standing order 117(g).

Mr Hanson interjecting—

MADAM SPEAKER: Before I start the clock and call Ms Burch, I will ask Mr Hanson to be quiet. Minister Burch.

MS BURCH: Thank you, Madam Speaker, and for your instructions to Mr Hanson as well. But in response to Mr Gentleman's question, the program was welcomed. Eighteen thousand-plus attended the Fringe Festival. I have heard positive feedback. I have continued to receive emails about the local artists that valued the opportunity to participate, to be part of the Fringe Festival. Indeed, those that went to the festival enjoyed it. The local community of artists had the opportunity to be part of the program, valued it and held that opportunity in high regard.

MADAM SPEAKER: Supplementary question, Mr Smyth.

MR SMYTH: Minister, will you table by close of business tomorrow a copy of the detailed program provided to the directorate?

MS BURCH: I am happy to provide what I can but I would have assumed that it was in the FOI document.

Infrastructure—public-private partnerships

MS PORTER: My question is to the Treasurer. Treasurer, can you update the Assembly on the ACT government's approach to implementing public-private partnerships in the territory?

MR BARR: I thank Ms Porter for the question. Public-private partnerships have been used successfully across Australia and around the world and can be very effective in delivering quality outcomes for the community.

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