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Myself and my fellow cleaners have not only lost a pay rise of 4% this year but over the next two years as well.

While my present pay is stable, that only exists till the contract goes out to tender. Then it is back to the award rate and a pay cut of 25%. Like a lot of cleaners I have two jobs. A F/T and a P/T. This means a pay cut of $200 a week.

But on top of that for me is the loss of job security.

The incoming contractor does not have to employ me. And that means, let alone from my pay, I do not know if I have a job at all.

So what do we do?

What we have always done. We fight. We have turned this around before, and we will again.

Christine deserves better for the contribution she makes to our community and for the commitment she made to improve her sector. I was happy to stand with her on Sunday and I will be happy to stand with her and all of Canberra's workers as we continue to fight for the basic dignity of a fair day's wage.

Life Education Australia

MR COE (Ginninderra) (6.01): I rise this afternoon to speak about the work of Life Education Australia. Life Education Australia is a charity operating independently of government and religion which has a vision that all Australians should enjoy life free from the effects of drug use. Currently, Life Education Australia has operations in each Australian state and territory and is considered to be the largest non-government provider of health and drug education in Australia.

Life Education Australia would be familiar to most Canberrans by virtue of Healthy Harold, a life-size giraffe who is very popular amongst kids and parents alike. By combining Healthy Harold with well-resourced and quali?ed teachers, and fun and interactive teaching modules, the organisation is able to empower children and to teach them how to make informed and healthy lifestyle decisions.

Life Education Australia works with children of all ages, from preschools through to primary and secondary schools, in each instance running targeted age-speci?c programs. For example, the preschool program uses storytelling, music and puppetry to teach children about their body, personal hygiene, safety, exercise, nutrition, sleep and how to maintain a respectful relationship. The primary and secondary school programs then build on these principles before introducing children to the harmful effects of smoking, alcohol abuse, a poor diet and illicit drug use. The organisation aims to run these program yearly within schools, providing a consistent health and wellbeing education program for children.

The organisation was formed in the 1979 and has grown from strength to strength ever since. People are drawn into working, volunteering and donating to Life Education Australia because they understand how good health is a critical asset

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