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MADAM SPEAKER: Before I call the next speaker, I acknowledge the presence in the chamber of the Weston Creek Ladies Probus Club. Welcome to your Assembly.

Minister for the Environment and Sustainable Development

Motion of no confidence

MR CORBELL (Molonglo—Attorney-General, Minister for Police and Emergency Services, Minister for Workplace Safety and Industrial Relations and Minister for the Environment and Sustainable Development) (2.46): I reject all of the assertions that we have just heard from the Leader of the Opposition. I reject them all. Not only are they unfounded, they are garbage and they are the sort of trivia and obsession with trivia that we see in this place when, unfortunately, this chamber descends into a discussion about itself rather than about the matters that are of interest to the people of Canberra.

Let me reject, first and foremost, the arguments put by Mr Hanson. Mr Hanson asserts that I had seen, reviewed, viewed the minutes of the proceedings of this committee. I have done no such thing and there is no evidence to back up Mr Hanson's claim. What did I say in my comments? What did I say?

Opposition members interjecting—

MADAM SPEAKER: Order, members! I have said this is an important debate and I will not countenance any interjections. Members have an opportunity to speak in this debate. This is the most serious debate we can have in this place. Keep your comments for your contribution to the debate. Mr Corbell has the floor.

MR CORBELL: Thank you, Madam Speaker. What did I say in the debate? I said I understood "from a review of the minutes". I did not say I had viewed the minutes. I said I understood "from a review of the minutes". Why did I say that? I said that because Mr Gentleman said in his speech, when he tabled the results of the committee inquiry, "As you will see in the minutes tabled,"and he went on to outline the circumstances. That is what Mr Gentleman said and that is why I responded in due course.

Mr Hanson then says, "Oh, but the minister compounded his so-called error. He compounded his so-called error by saying that the minutes were available on line."I was responding to an interjection from Mr Smyth. Perhaps I should not have but I did. I was responding to an interjection from Mr Smyth and I had conscious in my mind that in the paper tabled by Mr Gentleman it said "submissions and transcripts of proceedings"and provided an online link. I read that as meaning the submissions, transcripts of proceedings as well as the minutes because Mr Gentleman had made reference to the minutes. Forgive for responding in the heat of the debate in the manner that I did. Yes, I was in error. I have corrected that error and I have apologised to the Assembly for that error when I asserted that the minutes were available online.

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