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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2014 Week 2 Hansard (18 March) . . Page.. 430..

to send this economy into recession for the ideological sake of it. That is what it is about. That is all it is about. Then I am fairly certain that in the longer term the—(Time expired.)

MADAM SPEAKER: A supplementary question, Ms Berry.

MS BERRY: Minister, what industries and sectors is the government focusing on?

MR BARR: The government is committed to the growth of the territory economy. The territory has strengths in a number of areas. Of course, before those opposite get too excited, let me say that we welcome investment in all areas of our economy. We have in place a policy framework that welcomes investment in all areas. However, we would anticipate that investment will focus on six key areas: the digital economy and e-government; health and sports science; innovation and higher education; space, satellite and spatial science; defence and security; and tourism infrastructure.

Mr Hanson interjecting—

MR BARR: These are sectors in which Canberra is a national, and indeed an international, leader. I will certainly share with all of the researchers at the ANU, with scientist Brian Schmidt, the opposition leader's view on the space, satellite and spatial science industries. That is some great joke that Mr Hanson makes, some great joke from the leader of the opposition.

These are sectors where our city is a national and international leader. We have had considerable success to date—particularly in the growth of our ICT sector, strong growth in services export and having leading multinationals setting up their offices in the territory—but we cannot take this for granted. That is why we seek to source new investment in our economy, particularly from national and international markets. Our economy is too small to drive our longer term economic growth. There is not enough capital in the ACT, within our borders. We need to grow. That is what we are seeking to do. (Time expired.)

MADAM SPEAKER: A supplementary question, Mr Coe.

MR COE: Treasurer, does the government support industry policy?

MR BARR: The government supports the right policy settings to encourage growth in the territory economy.

Education—teacher recruitment

MRS JONES: My question is to the Minister for Education and Training. Minister, you recently announced that literacy and numeracy testing will be introduced for ACT public school teachers entering the system. What was the basis for taking this initiative?

MS BURCH: I thank Mrs Jones for her question. I think I made a comment on this in an earlier answer. As an employer of teachers within the public school system, I have

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