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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2014 Week 1 Hansard (27 February) . . Page.. 312..

If this Assembly today had not moved the amendment that it did to table these documents, we would not be able to know these recommendations. We would never have known our ideas for building better relationships within our region. What we have today is a substantial 200 page report with considered, thoughtful recommendations that would be of benefit to a government regardless of their party or affiliation. When we look at Mr Smyth's draft report, and I will start with what I will charitably call recommendations, there are nine items listed here. But I fail to see that any of these are actually recommendations for government action.

Mr Smyth is really keen on condemning the government, but he has nothing to say about what we could do to develop our region.

Members interjecting—


MS BERRY: There are no positive plans, no engagement with the evidence the committee was presented with and definitely no new ideas for Canberra. I should not be surprised by this because it appears from reading this report that Mr Smyth was too busy reminiscing about ancient history to engage with the present day and the people who gave up their time to inform the ACT government policy. In this slim little report we have 16 citations. Only four of the sources actually refer to evidence received by this committee. In fact, Mr Smyth—

Mr Corbell interjecting—


MS BERRY: In fact, Mr Smyth has more to say about ancient history when he and Kate Carnell were hanging out being super cool at band camp. In all seriousness, it is okay for Mr Smyth to want to talk about the past as long as it informs visions for the future. In this report there is simply no vision to be found.

It is clear that the Liberals are jamming up our committee system because they have no plan for our region. I am pleased that we were able today to table Mr Smyth's report because it a sloppy little 11 page indictment of his complete disdain for the people of Canberra, for this parliament and for the region.

MADAM SPEAKER: Before I call you, Mr Smyth, I want members to understand that these papers are tabled. They are not executive documents. They have not been authorised for publication. They are available for members to peruse, but they do not attract privilege in any way and they are not available for members of the public outside this chamber to have access to without my express permission. I just want to make sure that people understand the status of these documents.

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