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document to her, she gave it to the people that they had complained about to get their view. That is probity, that is fairness, that is good process. That is this minister and she does it all the time.

My understanding is that two long-term staff members who were sacked may have cost something like $65,000 to the Tuggeranong Community Arts Association—taxpayers' money being spent on something that need never have occurred because this minister does not govern her portfolio wisely. Indeed, there are now, I am told, allegations of bullying. You have got the unfair dismissal claims and that there was an unreasonable and demanding attitude during the interview process by a representative of ArtsACT, who I assume was there representing the minister and the organisation who railroaded the committee. The majority of the three members of the Tuggeranong Community Arts Association on that panel did not vote for the person who got the job. But apparently the person the minister sent down there had the influence that the person did get the job.

So there is an issue there. These people, when they said their confidentiality was breached, I am told, were told, "Well, go and talk to the Privacy Commissioner." That is the sort of minister you have in place, Chief Minister. There is a litany across her entire time as a minister of failure. There is a total disregard for the principles of Westminster that she is responsible for. According to all of the case over there from those opposite who spoke, she is not responsible for anything: it is unfortunate or it is an accident or she is learning from her mistakes. How long does it go on for, and how much longer do the people of the ACT pay for her mistakes before she is removed?

Run through the list—integrity, honesty, diligence, transparency: "Ministers must make their decisions and actions as open to scrutiny as is possible". Well, explain the appointment of the Fringe Festival director without any process. Accountability: "Ministers are accountable for their own behaviour and the decisions and actions of their staff." Are you accountable for your positions? Will you do the right thing and resign, minister? No, because you do not take accountability for anything.

Fairness: "Ministers must act fairly and apply the principles of natural justice in their decision making." Where are the principles of natural justice to Mr Williams and Mr Byrne in your decision when they brought the successful fringe back to Civic Square, but you then gave the gig to somebody else? Where is the fairness in that?

Respect: "Ministers must display respect for all peoples in their conduct." Where is your respect for Mr Byrne and Mr Williams? Responsibility: "Ministers must use the powers of office responsibly". On every objective in this document, this minister has failed and must go. (Time expired.)

MADAM SPEAKER: Before I call Mr Barr, there are a couple of matters I want to raise. I had a conversation with Mr Rattenbury. I ask Mr Rattenbury to withdraw a quote that he quoted in his comments, a quote that equated by my hearing—and when I read the text it verified my hearing—members of the Canberra Liberal Party with Nazis. I ask the minister to withdraw the comments, which I know he was repeating.

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