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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Elected Body Amendment Bill 2014, prin, 1065
Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders
Cooperatives, 571, 578
Leadership centre, 289q
Legal services, 1977q
ACT Ambulance Service
Cardiac monitors, 389q
Defibrillators, 1299q
ACT Corrective Services, enterprise agreement, 2184q
ACT No Waste, accounts, 4359qn
ACT Policing, outstanding arrest warrants, 2587q, 3002q
ACTION bus service, park-and-ride facilities, 2193q
Alcohol, workplace testing, 2936q, 3044q
Alexander Maconochie Centre
Behavioural breaches, 1013qn
Blood screening, 705qn
Contraband seizures, 3317qn
Detainees, 1011qn, 1347qn, 1900qn, 2236qn
Drugs, 1012qn, 1905qn, 2237qn
Incidents, 2236qn
Jobs, 1901qn
Lockdowns, 390q
Needle and syringe exchange program, 3081, 3092
Search warrants, 1584q
Solaris Therapeutic Community, 3610qn
Appropriation Bill 2014-2015, detail, (Chief Minister, Treasury and Economic Development Directorate), 2345, (Community Services Directorate), 2360, (Education and Training Directorate), 2392, (Environment and Planning Directorate), 2548, (Justice and Community Safety Directorate), 2598
Appropriation (Loose-fill Asbestos Insulation Eradication) Bill 2014-2015, prin, 4330
Loose-fill insulation, 3868q, 4330
Management issues, 1667q
Autism Awareness Month, importance, 1000
Bimberi Youth Justice Centre, drug tests, 1905qn, 3317qn
Services and infrastructure, 1728
Street lights sale, proposed, 1734q
Superannuation, 1863q
Civil contracting, 2458q
Small, 3615qn, 4004
Telstra awards, 2033
Canberra, priority issues, 1155
Canberra Burns Club, anniversary, 455
Canberra Gang Show, activities, 2143
Canberra Institute of Technology, campus modernisation, 1748q
Child development service, 3873q
Disabled, 2817q, 3668q
Civil Contractors Federation, Earth awards, 1412
Community Services Directorate, outputs and savings, 379qn
Construction industry
Drug and alcohol testing, 2936q, 3044q
Inquiry, 806
Regulation, 133
Convention centre, proposed, 3249q
Corrections and Sentencing Legislation Amendment Bill 2014, prin, 415
Courts, sentencing, 415, 4223, 4231
Crimes (Sentencing) Amendment Bill 2014, prin, 4223, 4231
Cycling, injuries, 527q, 1024q
Development, regional, 247
Disability ACT, employees, 379qn
Disability services
Autism spectrum disorder, 755q, 1738q
Early intervention, 1926, 1936, 3326, 3626
Parking permits, 3459q, 3466q
Providers, 1752, 1775, 1885
Respite care, 3252q
Service pensions, 1240, 1249
Support, 402, 2817q, 3063
Transition schedule, 2097q, 2257q
Disability Services (Disability Service Providers) Amendment Bill 2014, prin, 1885
Dogs, dangerous animals, 3757q, 3771q
Bimberi Youth Justice Centre, 3317qn
Workplace testing, 2936q, 3044q
Digital Canberra, 516q
Employment, 1492
IKEA store, 1302q
Performance, 3813
Curriculum, 2814q
Class sizes, 633q
Early intervention program, 3974q
Teaching hours, 3374q, 3675q
Renewable, 3451q
Solar, 425q, 531q
Finance, federal budget impact, 1622
Focus ACT, support, 3063
Priorities, 2747
Minister Burch, mnc, 32
Red tape reduction, 3555
Gugan Gulwan Youth Aboriginal Corporation, support, 571, 578
Autism, 1000
Bush healing farm, 3364q, 3466q
Down syndrome, 3820
Poisonous mushrooms, 1191q, 1318q
Hewatt Earthworks, projects, 1388q, 1598q
Hospitals, secure mental health facilities, 836q, 979q
Housing, homelessness, 910
Industrial relations, workers' rights and conditions, 3109
Infrastructure, public-private partnerships, 3878q
Insurance, national disability insurance scheme, 764q
Kangaroos, cull, 3002q
Land Tax Amendment Bill 2014, prin, 2659
Legislative Assembly
Health, Ageing, Community and Social Services, 716
Planning, Environment and Territory and Municipal Services, 1037, 1041, 1043, 1109q
Regional Development, 247
Members, Kiribati travel reports, 2931
Personal explanations, 2469
Points of order, 262, 434, 1187, 1738, 3874, 3974, 4008
Valedictory, 4269
Libraries ACT, books, 1022qn
Lifeline, lock up your boss, fundraiser, 3700
Motorcycles, illegal trail bike riding, 1020qn
Multicultural affairs, National Multicultural Festival, 303q, 965q
National Missing Persons Week, activities, 2222
Ngunnawal Bush Healing Farm, costs, 4371qn
Calwell, 3579q
Civic pool, 2819q
Northbourne Avenue redevelopment, 973q
Park-and-ride facilities, 2319q
Project facilitation, 1314q, 2583q
Urambi school site, 437q
Red Tape Reduction Legislation Amendment Bill 2014, prin, 3555
Apperly Close, 67q
Driving offences, 1019qn
Speed and red light cameras, 847q
Chaplaincy program, 3035q, 3247q
Disabled persons, 3571q, 3668q
Early intervention programs, 3476, 3487
Emergency incidents, 2184q
Safety, 2734
Temperature guidelines, 52q
Social welfare, carers, 3475
Awards, 120
Beach volleyball, 632q, 1102q
Woden oval redevelopment, 3033q
Statute Law Amendment Bill 2014, detail, 1287, 1292, 1295
Superannuation, budget impact, 1863q
Superannuation, liabilities, 3979q
Land tax, 2659
Payroll tax, 1981q
Tiyce, Mr G, fundraiser, 785
Transport, light rail, 1021qn, 2303, 2466q, 2738, 2934q, 3127q, 3666q, 3768q, 4071q, 4196q, 4204q
Uriarra Village
Land purchase, 172q
Solar farm, 1375q, 1470q, 2310q
Waste, tip management, 3255q
Water, Point Hut pond, 4193q
WorkSafe ACT, improvement notice, 1096q
Youth, homelessness, 910

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