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ACT Ambulance Service, enterprise bargaining, 3029q
ACT men's sheds, support, 1226, 1251
ACT public service, executive contracts, 175q
ACT public service, front-line staff, 3376q
ACTION bus service, park-and-ride facilities, 2191q
Alcohol, law reform, 1391q
Funding, 2589q
South-east Asian art and culture, 2221
Loose-fill insulation, 3663q, 3756q, 4298
Mr Fluffy houses, 2070, 2085
Worker safety, 3120q
Belconnen Community Men's Shed, opening, 908
Bell, Ms M, volunteering award, 3065
Berry, Mr T, pollie for a day, 3358, 3404
Emergency services, 1861q
Ginninderra initiatives, 2183q
Health expenditure, 2459q
Infrastructure, 1702, 1740q
North Canberra infrastructure, 2090q
Services, 1702
Tourism, 2464q
Calvary Hospital, birth centre, 630q
OECD livable cities report, 3373q
Priority issues, 1175
Canberra Hospital
Bed availability, 3259q
Patient care, 3969q
Canberra Institute of Technology
Annual report, 1312q
Staff management, 585
Death review committee, 4205q
Out-of-home care, 1751q
Trauma recovery centre, 4083q
Youth justice, 3765q
COAG meeting, agreements, 1093q
Commonwealth Women Parliamentarians Steering Committee, activities, 359
Community legal centres, hub, 760q
Community services
Human services blueprint, 1382q
Men's sheds, 2307q
Microcredit program, 3983q
Legal aid funding, 1593q
Restorative justice, 3870q
Youth justice, 3765q
Restorative justice, 647q
Tyre slashing, 638q
Development, regional, 248
Disability services
Insurance, 3126q
Support, 3065
Diwali festival, celebration, 3601
AAA credit rating, 3453q
Business development, 1307q
Employment, 1401, 1438, 1492
Growth, 59q
Infrastructure investment, 480
Investment, 1585q
North Canberra, 517q
Performance, 4054, 4104
Stimulus, 422q
Early intervention program, 3977q
Facilities, 1985q
Gifted and talented policy, 439q
National curriculum, 3366q
Parental engagement, 640q, 4075q
Public education week, 1597q
Teacher recruitment, 431q
Teachers, code of conduct, 1387q
Emergency services, budget impact, 1861q
Government support, 192
Growth, 752q
Renewable, 309q, 4195q
Solar, 3677q
Wind, 1475q, 3041q
Bilateral agreement, 972q
OECD livable cities report, 3443
Water strategy, 2585q
Woodlands, 3768q
Federal budget impact, 1465q, 1467q
Investment, 1401
Attendance, 3378q
Support, 3132q
Focus ACT, support, 3065
Gambling, gaming reforms, 3462q
Government, community sector relationships, 3245q
Asbestos, loose-fill insulation, 2070, 2085
Budget, 2459q
Bush healing farm, 3366q
Cancer treatment, 2094q
End-of-life issues, 223, 234
Tuggeranong Community Health Centre, 838q
Elective surgery, 3569q
Waiting times, 1591q
Homelessness, 843q
Investment, 2318
Human rights, racial discrimination, 832
Industrial relations, workers' rights and conditions, 3112
Infrastructure, public-private partnerships, 1189q
Insurance, national disability insurance scheme, 764q
Legislative Assembly
Education, Training and Youth Affairs, 585, 668, 3223
Public Accounts, 4298
Regional Development, 248
Valedictory, 4270
Men's shed program, grants, 3581q
Molonglo Valley, schools, 2469q
Multicultural affairs
Fringe Festival, 1186q
Symposium, 3881q
National Arboretum Canberra, anniversary, 292q, 293q
Infrastructure program, 4216
Northbourne Avenue redevelopment, 973q
Tuggeranong, 1971q
Yarralumla (Canberra) brickworks, 2060
Capital works, 185q
Enrolments, 976q
Hawker Primary School, fete, 1251
Molonglo Valley, 2469q
My School website, 524q
Online enrolments, 1194q
Primary schools, 2189q
Seniors, aged care, pets, 1004
Social welfare, volunteering, 3172, 3181, 3602
Steel, Mr K, death, 3191
TEDxCanberra, activities, 3358
Theatre, CAT awards, 237
Budget, 2464q
Government support, 179q
Major events, 3672q
Transport, light rail, 71q, 1111q, 1745q, 3032q, 3256q, 4070q
Tuggeranong, planning, 1971q
University of Canberra, public hospital, 182q
Volunteering ACT, activities, 908
Water, strategy, 2585q
Whitlam, Mr G AC QC, death, 3538
Parliamentarians, 359
White Ribbon Day, 4050
Yarralumla (Canberra) brickworks, remediation, 2060

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