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Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders, leadership centre, 290q
ACT Ambulance Service
Cardiac monitors, 389q
Defibrillators, 1304q
Enterprise bargaining, 3029q
ACT Emergency Services Agency, fire and rescue service, 3044q
ACT Housing, Spotless facilities manager, 3612qn
ACT public service
Breastfeeding, 2462q, 2999q
Information technology, security, 970q, 1349q
Appropriation Bill 2014-2015, detail, (Community Services Directorate), 2363, 2379, (Education and Training Directorate), 2388, 2504, (Environment and Planning Directorate), 2520, (Housing ACT), 2567
Arts, policy, 3579q, 3922q
Asbestos, loose-fill eradication, 4300
Australian Breastfeeding Association, support, 2668
Australian Red Cross, centenary, 1131
Deficit, 4075q, 4380q
Infrastructure costs, 1985q
Bushfires, preparedness, 2314q
Canberra, priority issues, 1165
Canberra Hospital
Bed occupancy rates, 2933q
Gastroenterology and hepatology unit, 1968q
Obstetrics unit, 3969q
Patient care, 3240q, 3966q
Stem cell treatment, 525q
Canberra Institute of Technology, Auslan courses, 3923, 3927
Canberra Ornithologists Group, 50th birthday, 2147
Capital Woodland and Wetlands Conservation Trust, management, 2232qn
Care and protection, 57q
Child care, 103, 291q, 310q, 2010
Foster care, 3074, 3081
Community services, human services blueprint, 1384q
Construction industry, awards, 2761
Convention centres
Proposals, 3118q
Sizes, 3449q, 3872q
Car tyre slashing, 1927
Vandalism, 2098q, 2179q, 2194q
Disability services, transition schedule, 2097q
Curriculum, 3761q, 3771q
Teacher recruitment, 422q
School chaplaincy program, 4192q
Electricity Feed-In (Large-scale Renewable Energy Generation) Amendment Bill 2014, prin, 675
Emergency Services Agency, fire and rescue service, 2942q
Emergency services, alleged bullying, 1100q, 2257q
Renewable, 2784, 3451q, 3584q, 3790
Solar, 425q, 3679q
Wind, 434q, 1476q, 2687, 2688, 2690, 3042q
Biodiversity offsets policy, 642q, 1196q, 1466q, 1630q, 1918q
Carbon tax, 2213
Conservation legislation, 4233, 4242
Environmental agreement program, 4379q
Greenhouse gas emissions, 3128q
Koppers site, 757q, 856, 868
Lake Tuggeranong, 1926, 2007, mnrs, 3924
Molonglo Valley report, 1579q, 1918q
Nature conservation, 140, 143, 335, 341, 2470, 2481
Planning approvals, 3019
Water quality, 191q
West Belconnen, 3255q
Environment Protection Amendment Bill 2014, prin, 3856
Gambling, racing codes, 3673q
Ginninderra Falls, environmental protection, 3255q
Minister Burch, mnc, 30
Office accommodation, 3038q
Health, breastfeeding, 2668
Bed occupancy rates, 1578q, 1917q
Patient care, 3240q
Performance, 186q
Salary costs, 1384q, 1631q, 1632q
Community housing, 2180q
Conditional termination and possession order, 1017qn
Homelessness, 2102, 2114
Investment, 2318
Public, 703qn, 3369q
Stock management, 1308q, 1319q
Housing ACT
Joint champions program, advertising, 1016qn
Properties, 1897qn
Human rights, gender equity, 3399
Information technology, security, 970q, 1349q
Maintenance, 3687
Proposed new convention centre, 3118q
International Day of the Girl Child, importance, 3399
Kangaroos, cull, 2098q, 2178q, 2179q
Lake Tuggeranong, clean-up, 2007
Legislative Assembly
Auslan interpreter, 3585
Planning, Environment and Territory and Municipal Services, 346, 672
Public Accounts, 4300
Conduct, 2529
Kiribati travel reports, 2930
National Volunteer Week, activities, 1535
Points of order, 166, 2506
Valedictory, 4264
National Week of Deaf People 2014, celebration, 3600
Nature Conservation Bill 2014, prin, 4233, detail, 4242
Civic pool, 2819q
Civic stadium proposal, 2592q
Environmental approval processes, 3019
Riverview proposal, 3255q
Planning and Development (Bilateral Agreement) Amendment Bill 2014, prin, 3019
Roads, Spofforth Street, 974q
Schools, chaplaincy program, 4192q
Seniors, concessions, 3567q
Social welfare
Carers, 3467, 3476
Volunteering, 3176
Crowd figures, 841q
Tuggeranong Hawks Football Club, 1001, 2890
Woden oval redevelopment, 765q
Taxation, carbon tax, 2213
Tourism, visitor numbers, 3879q
Transport, light rail, 1217, 2456q, 2739
University of Canberra, student accommodation, 435q, 530q
Uriarra Village, proposed solar farm, 2312
Point Hut pond, 4192q
Quality, 191q
Security of supply, 4072q
Women, White Ribbon Day, 4051

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