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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, legal services, 1979q
ACT Ambulance Service
Management, 3029q
Uniforms, 2935q
ACT Fire and Rescue Service, alleged bullying, 1095q
ACT Policing, vandalism, 3758q
ACT public service
Advertising, 62q
Breastfeeding, 2462q, 2999q
Bullying, 3564q, 4079q
Private employment advertising, 709q
ACTION bus service
Airport, 1472q, 1473q
MyWay card information, 2190q
Network, 3122q
Performance, 1864q
Woden bus depot, 1462q
ACTTAB Ltd, sale, 2461q
Appropriation Bill 2014-2015, detail, (Chief Minister, Treasury and Economic Development Directorate), 2343, (Community Services Directorate), 2366, (Health Directorate), 2559, (Territory and Municipal Services Directorate), 2632
Beyondblue, national road show, 241
Brian Hennessy Rehabilitation Centre, closure, 3565q, 4378q
Canberra Hospital
Adult mental health unit, 2731q, 2842, 2857, 3616qn, 3617qn, 3921qn
Bed occupancy rates, 3661q
Cancer centre, 172q
Emergency department, 4064q
Infrastructure, 1732q
Surge capacity, 2939q
Canberra, priority issues, 1167
Carers ACT, resources, 3702
Community services, microcredit program, 3985q
Construction industry, Sublime Constructions, 3455q
Courts, judicial appointments, 1375q
Car tyre slashing, 637q, 1633, 2255qn, 3615qn
Vandalism, 2179q, 2194q, 3758q
Choice, 652
Teacher recruitment, 430q
Former petrol station sites, 1906qn, 1908qn, 1910qn, 1911qn, 1912qn, 2252qn, 2253qn, 2254qn
Molonglo Valley report, 1580q
Minister Burch, mnc, 20
Unnecessary laws and regulations, 322
Gungahlin, schools, 2306q
Antenatal visits, 1969q, 2101q
Budget, 3669q
Costs, 2808q
Depression, 241
Ebola, 3361q
Mental health, 3652, 3855
Nurse-led walk-in centres, 2582q, 3002q
Secure mental health unit, 1378q
Health Directorate, infrastructure program management, 510q
Hospitals, waiting times, 1589q
Homelessness, 845q
Stock management, 1309q, 1319q
Infrastructure, maintenance, 3694
Kangaroos, cull, 2179q
Legislative Assembly
Committees, Estimates 2014-2015, 1947
Members, political fundraising, 1314q
Personal explanations, 310, 1751, 3584
Points of order, 298, 839, 2208, 2491, 3239, 3884
Valedictory, 4261
Lions clubs, youth accommodation facility, 2971
Malaysia Airlines flight MH17, memorial service, 2035
Mental Health (Treatment and Care) Amendment Bill 2014, prin, 3652, detail, 3855
Multicultural affairs
Fringe Festival, 55q, 298q, 707qn, 1186q
National Multicultural Festival, 304q, 355, 966q
Scholarships for translators and interpreters, 380qn
Symposium, 3884q
Multiculturalism, community activities, 3407, 3417, 3419
Narrabundah, playground use, 3123q, 3135q
Fees, 1746q
Fines, 2092q
Manuka, 378qn
Weston, 2250qn
Canberra Raider's lease change, 180q
Deconcessionalisation, 2588q
Free wi-fi services, 516q
Stirling, 3972q, 3985q
Yarralumla brickworks, 3873q
Religion, church services, 119
Footpaths, 3823
Resurfacing, 3370q
Chaplaincy program, 3239q, 3246q, 3876q
Fencing, 377qn
Gungahlin, 2306q
Skywhale, flights, 3762q, 4379q
Canteen upgrades, 839q, 1351q
Woden athletics track, 376qn
Woden oval redevelopment, 847q
Tourism, events, 637q
Transport, light rail, 1216, 2730q, 3040q, 4197q
Waramanga shops, postbox location, 1537
Weston Creek Community Council, meetings, 2224
Economic progress, 3333
Pregnancy discrimination, 2115, 2123, 2126
Prostitution and human trafficking, 4261
White Ribbon Day, 4036, 4052

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