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ACT Ambulance Service, defibrillators, 1299q, 1304q
ACT Medicare Local, support, 1794
ACT men's sheds, support, 1220, 1239
ACTION bus service, park-and-ride facilities, 2191q
Alcohol, workplace testing, 2936q, 3044q
Anzac Day, ceremonies, 1254
Appropriation Bill 2014-2015, detail, (Community Services Directorate), 2370, 2377, (Environment and Planning Directorate), 2517
Appropriation (Loose-fill Asbestos Insulation Eradication) Bill 2014-2015, prin, 4326
Loose-fill eradication, 4326
Mr Fluffy houses, 2078
Safety legislation, 3939
Worker safety, 3118q
Auditor-General, reports, 3931
Bimberi Youth Justice Centre, drug tests, 3319qn
Emergency services, 1860q
Health funding, 1736q
Infrastructure, 1742q
Rates increases, 1857q
Services and infrastructure, 1714
Calvary Hospital, beds, 1583q
Centenary, 181q
Priority issues, 1172
Public drinking fountains, 968q
Canberra Institute of Technology, alleged bullying, 305q
Capital Metro, legislation, 4160
Capital Metro Agency, publications, 3317qn
Death review committee, 3992, 4206q
Foster care, 3076
Official Visitor, 3684
Trauma recovery centre, 4080q
Youth justice, 3763q
COAG meeting, agreements, 1095q
Community services
Human services blueprint, 1384q
Men's sheds, 2308
Microcredit program, 3983q
Compensation, workers compensation, 3206, 3353
Construction industry
Drug and alcohol testing, 2936q, 3044q
Getting home safely report implementation, mnst, 3005
Sublime Constructions, 3455q
Legal aid funding, 1592q
Youth justice, 3763q
Crime, restorative justice, 649q
Dangerous Substances (Asbestos Safety Reform) Legislation Amendment Bill 2014, prin, 3939
Deegan, Commissioner, retirement, 2530
Development, regional, 257
Bimberi Youth Justice Centre, 3319qn
Workplace testing, 2936q, 3044q
Business development, 1305q
Digital Canberra, 513q, 899
Employment, 1487
Growth, 61q
Infrastructure, 484
Investment, 1588q
North Canberra, 519q
Performance, 4086
Stimulus, 424q
Teachers, code of conduct, 1385q
Gifted and talented policy, 437q
Parental engagement, 639q
Reform, 570
Teacher recruitment, 64q, 421q
Electoral, reforms, 1937
Emergency services, budget impact, 1860q
Employment, government support, 194
Renewable, 2794, 3451q, 3584q
Wind, 433q, 1474q, mnrs, 3322
Bilateral agreement, 970q
OECD livable cities report, 3433
Planning approvals, 3022
Protection strategy, 2544
Water quality, 190q
Environment and Planning Directorate, expenses, 4370qn
Finance, federal budget impact, 1467q
Community sector relationships, 3244q
Minister for Environment and Sustainable Development, 1353
Greek Independence Day, activities, 911
Hakim, Ms M "Maz", activities, 457
Asbestos, loose-fill insulation, 2078
Breast screening, 1377q
Obesity, 2138
Organ donation, 1807
Services, 1794
Tuggeranong Community Health Centre, 837q
Health Directorate, reports, 296q
Highland Gathering 2014, national event, 3703
Holidays Amendment Bill 2014, prin, 1965
Affordable housing scheme, 1318q
Homelessness, 844q
Human rights
Marriage equality, 3501
Racial discrimination, 829
Independent Competition and Regulatory Commission, water pricing, 750q
Industrial relations
Holidays, 1965
Workers' rights and conditions, 3106
Workplace safety, mnst, 3005
Maintenance, 3695
Urban renewal, 3720
Catastrophic injuries, 944
National disability insurance scheme, 761q
International affairs, Timor-Leste, 3627
Lake Burley Griffin, anniversary, 3526
Legislative Assembly
Committee system, 594
Administration and Procedure, 594, 1815
Amendments to the Electoral Act 1992, 1129, 1834, 1937
Justice and Community Safety, 455
Planning, Environment and Territory and Municipal Services, 39, 591, 669, 913, 1028, 1038, 1043, 1108q, 1353, 1811
Regional Development, 257
Lobbyists, 1815
Members, Gentleman, Mr M, delegation to Timor-Leste, 3627
Papers, 2205, 3380
Points of order, 978, 1084, 1289, 1487, 3111, 3902
Standing order 6A, 934
Valedictory, 4260
Lifeline, bookfairs, 2762
Lifetime Care and Support (Catastrophic Injuries) Bill 2014, prin, 944
Marriage, same-sex marriage, 3501
Men's shed program, grants, 3581q
Morrison, Mr B S, death, 242
Multicultural affairs
Fringe Festival, 1188q
National Multicultural Festival, 302q
National Commission of Audit, recommendations, 1184q
National Youth Week, activities, 853q
Parks, barbecue facilities, 767q
Agreements, 2544
Allara Street proposal, 4145
Call-in powers, 3380
Civic revitalisation, 2827
Conder medical centre, proposed, 879
Deconcessionalisation, 2588q
Development applications, 4372qn
Environmental approval processes, 3022
Gungahlin, strategic diversity, 3382
Infrastructure investment, 1324
Park-and-ride facilities, 2319q
Project facilitation, 2583q
Single dwelling assessments, 3931
Stirling, 3972q, 3985q
Territory plan, 3456q, 3584q
Territory plan variation No 297, 3683
Territory plan variation No 318, 2204
Territory plan variation No 319, 3382
Urban renewal, 3720
Woden bus layover, 2745
Yarralumla brickworks, 2304q
Planning, Building and Environment Legislation Amendment Bill 2014 (No 2), prin, 3202, 3347
Planning and Development (Bilateral Agreement) Amendment Bill 2014, prin, 2544, 3022
Planning and Development (Capital Metro) Legislation Amendment Bill 2014, prin, 4160
Allara Street proposal, 4145
Majura Parkway, 1092q
Remembrance Driveway, 356
Speed and red light cameras, 848q
Vulnerable road users, 1811
Capital works, 184q
My School website, 522q
Online enrolments, 1193q
Seniors, older persons assembly, 3328
Social welfare
Carers, 3469
Volunteering, 3180
Beach volleyball, 631q, 1102q
Economic benefit, 301q
Highland Gathering 2014, 3703
Motorsport, 116
National Capital Rally, 580
Tuggeranong United Football Club, 2890
Woden oval redevelopment, 765q, 846q
Tourism, events, 636q
Active transport initiatives, 3393
Light rail, 68q, 1110q, 1461q, 1743q, 3030q, 3596, 4160
Planning, 2937q
Policy, 3720
Public, 2958
Transport Industry Skills Centre, activities, 696
Tuggeranong, town centre, 1971q, 2204
Uriarra Village, solar farm, 1471q, 2310q
Pricing, 750q
Public drinking fountains, 968q
Quality, 190q
Security of supply, 4073q
Whitlam, Mr G AC QC, death, 3537
Services, 1478q
White Ribbon Day, 4012
Workers Compensation (Cross-border Workers) Amendment Bill 2014, prin, 3206, 3353
Yarralumla brickworks, remediation, 2304q
Yarralumla Nursery, 100th anniversary, 783
Death review committee, 3992
National Youth Week, 853q

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