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ACT Medicare Local, support, 1803
ACT men's sheds, support, 1237
ACT public service
Advertising, 62q
Annual reports, 2320, 3260, 4149
Breastfeeding, 2462q, 2999q
Bullying, 3563q, 4079q
Executive contracts, 73, 174q
Front-line staff, 3375q
Legislation, 4147
Overseas travel, 387qn
Private employment advertising, 709q
State of the service report, 2012-2013, 651
ACTEW Corporation Ltd, management, 50q
Alexander Maconochie Centre
Blood screening, 705qn
Needle and syringe exchange program, 3085
Annual Reports (Government Agencies) Amendment Bill 2014, prin, 4149
Appropriation Bill 2014-2015, detail, (Chief Minister, Treasury and Economic Development Directorate), 2347, (Education and Training Directorate), 2403, (Health Directorate), 2562
Appropriation (Loose-fill Asbestos Insulation Eradication) Bill 2014-2015, prin, 4309, detail, 4338, 4342
Arts, policy, 3578q
Legislation, 3834
Loose-fill insulation mnst, 1929, 2301q, 2318q, 2735q, 3447q, 3662q, 3755q, 3866q, 4309, 4338, 4342
Mr Fluffy houses, 2076
Safety legislation, 3941
Task force report, mnst, 3824
Auditor-General Amendment Bill 2014, prin, 1816
Booth, Ms AW, death, 3525
Brian Hennessy Rehabilitation Centre, closure, 3565q, 4378q
Health funding, 1734q, 1858q, 2459q
Services and infrastructure, 1711
Calvary Health Care, insurance, 3979q
Calvary Hospital
Beds, 1582q
Birth centre, 628q
Centenary, 181q, 388q, 711q, 1023q
Priority issues, 1141
Canberra Hospital
Adult mental health unit, 2731q, 2848, 3616qn, 3617qn, 3921qn
Bed occupancy rates, 2727q, 2805q, 2932q, 3258q, 3660q, 3864q
Cancer centre, 171q
Emergency department, 4063q
Gastroenterology and hepatology unit, 1968q
Hydrotherapy pool, 3981q
Infections, 417q
Infrastructure, 1731q
Internal review, 2455q, 2596q
Medical wards, 2085q, 2318q
Obstetrics unit, 3970q, 4025
Patient care, 3115q, 3240q, 3964q, 3967q
Stem cell treatment, 525q, 1024q
Surge capacity, 2939q
Canberra, OECD livable cities report, 3371q
Chief Minister, election, 4347
COAG meeting, agreements, 1093q
Construction industry, development conditions, 537, 672
Convention centre, proposal, 1433, 1580q
Dangerous Substances (Asbestos Safety Reform) Legislation Amendment Bill 2014, prin, 3834, 3941
Development, regional, 252
Disability services
Parking permits, 3459q, 3466q
Providers, 1771
Digital Canberra, 511q, 515q
Employment, 445, 1447
Government policy, 1127
IKEA store, 1300q
Performance, 4088
Stimulus, 422q
Electoral Amendment Bill 2014, prin, 2021
Government support, 147
Local jobs, 445
Energy, renewable, 2797
Nature conservation agency, 141, 2474
OECD livable cities report, 3438, 3466q
Single conservation agency, 4209
Federal government, budget impact, 1668q
Finance, federal budget impact, 1463q, mnst, 1601
Food Amendment Bill 2014, prin, 3545, 4185, detail, 4189
Gardner, Mr J, citizen's right of reply, 1853
Campaign advertising, 670
Chief Minister, China travel report, 1321
Executive contracts, 650, 1599, 1685, 1990, 2319, 2744, 3045, 3379, 3680, 3986
International air fares, 1016qn
Minister Burch, mnc, 18
Minister for the Environment and Sustainable Development, mnc, 1080, 1180q, 1394, 1553
Ministerial arrangements, 3359
Ministerial travel, 2240qn
Office accommodation, 3038q
Priorities, 2749
Red tape reduction, 3556, 3558
Telephone polling, 3235q, 3618q
Unnecessary laws and regulations, 328
Antenatal visits, 1970q, 2101q
Asbestos, 2076, 2301q, 2318q
Breast screening, 1376q
Budget, 1310q, 2459q, 3669q
Bush healing farm, 3364q, 3466q
Cancer treatment, 2094q
Childhood obesity, 53q
Compensation claims, 1913qn
Costs, 2809q
Ebola, 3360q
Election commitments, 4199q
End-of-life issues, 232
Food legislation, 3545
Food safety, 4185, 4189
Infrastructure, 1858q
Medical compensation payments, 1337qn
Mental health, 1539, 1659, 3848, 3853
Nurse-led walk-in centres, 440q, 545, 2581q, 2683qn, 3002q
Poisonous mushrooms, 1191q, 1318q
Priorities, 3053
Secure mental health unit, 1378q
Services, 1803
Suicide reduction, 2322
Health Directorate
Infrastructure program management, 509q
Reports, 288q, 295q, 709q
Bed occupancy rates, 1577q, 1917q
Elective surgery, 3568q
Modern decision support simulations, 2243qn
Patient care, 3240q
Performance, 187q
Salary costs, 1384q, 1631q, 1632q
Visiting medical officers and staff specialists, 4190q, 4361qn
Waiting times, 1589q
Human rights, euthanasia, 2919, 2928
Industrial relations
Pregnancy discrimination, 3987
Workers' rights and conditions, 3136
Convention centre, 1580q
Urban renewal, 3723
Insurance, Calvary Health Care, 3979q
International affairs, China, 1321, 3542
Legislative Assembly
Administration and Procedure, 331, 1553
Health, Ageing, Community and Social Services, 2324
Privileges, 1394
Regional Development, 252, 315
Legislation program, 316
Lobbyists, 1951, 3213
Members, Gallagher, Ms K, Hong Kong and Shenzhen delegation, 3542
Members, political fundraising, 1315q
Officers, responsibilities, 1555
Papers, 76, 319, 652, 1320, 1599, 1880, 2745, 3261, 3379, 3585, 3831, 3884, 3987, 4210, 4294
Personal explanations, 4035
Valedictory, 4257
Lye, Ms M, death, 2525
Malaysia Airlines flight MH17, condolence motion, 1921
Mental Health (Treatment and Care) Amendment Bill 2014, prin, 1539, 3848, detail, 3853
National Arboretum Canberra, anniversary, 292q
National Commission of Audit, recommendations, 1183q
Ngunnawal Bush Healing Farm, costs, 4371qn
Officers of the Assembly Legislation Amendment Bill 2014, prin, 1555
City plan, 520q
Urban renewal, 3723
Planning and Development (Symonston Mental Health Facility) Amendment Bill 2014, prin, 1659
Public Sector Bill 2014, prin, 4147
Red Tape Reduction Legislation Amendment Bill 2014, prin, 3556, detail, 3558
Roads, Clunies Ross Street, 297q
Schools, disabled persons, 3570q
Skywhale, flights, 3762q, 4379q
Smithies, Ms M, retirement, 2404
Statute Law Amendment Bill 2014 (No 2), prin, 3342
Steel, Mr K, death, 3187
Steele, Ms SJ, death, 4136
Light rail, 1585q, 2086q, 2456q, 2740, 3256q, 3362q, 3461q, 3572q, 3665q, 3753q
Policy, 3723
University of Canberra
Annual report 2013, 1112
Public hospital, 182q
Student accommodation, 435q, 530q
Whitlam, Mr G AC QC, death, 3527
Yarralumla (Canberra) brickworks, remediation, 2007

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