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ACT Ambulance Service
Case management system, 2812q
Culture, 1093q
ACT men's sheds, support, 1224
ACT public service
Contractors, 2316
Information technology security, 969q, 1349q
ACTION bus services, free services, 66q, 191q
ACTTAB Ltd, tax revenue, 2092q
Alzheimer's Australia ACT, activities, 3396
Appropriation Bill 2014-2015, detail, (Canberra Institute of Technology), 2276, (Chief Minister, Treasury and Economic Development Directorate), 2340, (Education and Training Directorate), 2384
Asbestos, removal, 1476q
Consolidated financial report, 1463q, 1598q
Deficit, 4078q
ICT cost savings, 1986q
Bushfires, preparedness, 388q, 2587q, 2596q
Business, Ainslie IGA, 2226
Centenary, 181q, 1023q
Priority issues, 1152
Canberra Hospital
Bed occupancy rates, 2806q
Hydrotherapy pool, 3981q
Internal review, 2455q
Patient care, 3115q
Canberra Institute of Technology
Alleged bullying, 304q
Annual report, 1313q
Campus modernisation, 1747q
Staff management, 586
Canberra Institute of Technology Amendment Bill 2014, prin, 3953
Catholic Education Office, teacher excellence awards, 461
Cerebral Palsy Alliance, fundraiser, 1806
Care and protection, 58q
Child care, 292q, 310q
Child development service, 3876q
Disabled, 2818q, 3668q
Children's Week, celebration, 3701
Convention centre, proposal, 1581q
Crime, parole breaches, 1380q
Disability services
Autism spectrum disorder, 756q, 1739q, 2256q
Parking permits, 3460q
Providers, 1763
Economy, digital Canberra action plan, 514q, 890, 904
Capital Chemist scholarships, 698
Choice, 659
Class sizes, 633q
Curriculum, 3760q
Early childhood, 2414
Early intervention program, 3975q
Gifted and talented students, 2241qn
Priorities, 3280
Public education week, 1535
Reform, 559
School chaplaincy program, 4192q, 4209q
Code of conduct, 1388q
Recruitment, 420q, 431q
Workloads, 2814q
Teaching hours, 3373q, 3674q
Vocational training, 3559
Gambling, unclaimed dividends, 2591q, 2999q
Minister Burch, mnc, 15
Office accommodation, 3038q
Online transactions, 1986q
Gungahlin, schools, 2307
Budget, 1310q
Macular degeneration, 1414
Community housing, 2181q
Public, 3369q
Immigration, citizenship ceremonies, 460
Independent Competition and Regulatory Commission, water pricing, 964q
Information technology
Awards, 3066
Security, 969q
Convention centre, 1581q
Maintenance schedules, 1506, 1517
International affairs, Cyprus, 2037
Legislative Assembly
Justice and Community Safety, 39, 454, 713, 936, 1043, 1354, 1636, 1950, 2259, 2693, 3005
Education, Training and Youth Affairs, 586
Justice and Community Safety, 3324, 3619, 4294
Members, political fundraising, 1315q
Papers, 2039
Points of order, 846, 2815, 3674, 3760, 3875
Valedictory, 4267
Lemon, Mr G, volunteer work, 2888
Malaysia Airlines flight MH17, memorial service, 2037
Multicultural affairs, Fringe Festival, 1188q, 1319q
Narrabundah, playground use, 3123q
Calwell, 3580q
Civic Olympic Pool site, 2465q, 2592q
Civic stadium proposal, 2465q, 2592q
Free wi-fi services, 516q
Hackett shopping centre, 3453q
Yarralumla brickworks, 2039, 2062, 2304q, 3872q
Public education week, support, 1535
Racing industry, unclaimed dividends, 2591q, 2999q
Religion, church services, 119
Remembrance Day, commemorative services, 4011
Roads, driver licences, 1627qn
Arawang Primary School, 3599
Capital works, 185q, 1104q
CCTV installations, 4362qn
Chaplaincy program, 3034q, 3236q, 3877q
Disabled persons, 3570q, 3668q
Emergency incidents, 2183q, 2194q
Enrolments, 978q
Fencing, 4363qn
Gungahlin, 2307
Infrastructure, 2765, 2778
Mount Stromlo High School, 360
Parental engagement, 3889
Safety, 2733q
St Edmund's College, 360
St John Vianney's Primary School, 2144
St Mary MacKillop College, 121
Taylor Primary School, 2144
Temperature guidelines, 51q
Weapons, 3116q
ACT Seniors Week, 697
Canberra Seniors Centre, 1414
Concessions, 3567q
Older persons assembly, 3330
Social welfare, carers, 3473
AFC Asian Cup Australia, 4378qn
Beach volleyball, 630q, 1101q
Canteen upgrades, 840q, 1351q
Crowd figures, 841q
Homophobia, 987
ICC Cricket World Cup, 4377qn
Tuggeranong United Football Club, 3066
Volleyball, 1343qn
Woden oval redevelopment, 764q, 845q, 3034q
Taxation, payroll tax, 2186q
Teachers, statistics, 4365qn
Territory and Municipal Services Directorate, outputs and savings, 382qn
Training and Tertiary Education Amendment Bill 2014, prin, 3559
Transport, light rail, 1585q, 1588q, 1976q, 2091q, 2944q, 4068q
Water, pricing, 964q
Xyrakis, Mr M, achievements, 2226
Yarralumla (Canberra) brickworks, remediation, 2039, 2062, 2304q

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