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Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders
Cooperatives, 576
Education, 4212
ACT men's sheds, support, 1233
ACTTAB Ltd, sale, 2451
Appropriation Bill 2014-2015, detail, (ACT Gambling and Racing Commission), 2272, (Canberra Institute of Technology), 2278, (Chief Minister, Treasury and Economic Development Directorate), 2354, (Community Services Directorate), 2367, 2374, (Cultural Facilities Corporation), 2383, (Education and Training Directorate), 2394, 2509
Funding, 2589q, 3036q
Policy, 3514, 3922q, 4112
Support, 2868
Bimberi Youth Justice Centre, drug tests, 1906qn
Budget, services and infrastructure, 1699, 1725
Canberra, priority issues, 1169
Canberra Institute of Technology
Alleged bullying, 304q
Annual report, 1312q
Campus modernisation, 1747q
Canberra Institute of Technology Amendment Bill 2014, prin, 3842, 3957
Care and protection, 57q
Child care, 96, 291q, 310q, 2012
Child development service, 3873q
Disability services, 2817q
Disabled, 3668q
Out-of-home care, mnst, 1606, 1749q
ClubsACT, awards night, 1411
Courts, youth justice blueprint, 1672q
Disability ACT, employees, 380qn
Disability services
Autism spectrum disorder, 755q, 1738q, 2256q
Early intervention programs, 3325, 3623, mnrs, 3923
Insurance, 3125q
National insurance scheme, mnst, 2174
Official visitor report, 3885
Providers, 1758, 1888
Respite care, 3251q
Service pensions, 1242
Transition schedule, 2097q, 2257q
Disability Services (Disability Service Providers) Amendment Bill 2014, prin, 1549, 1888
Disabled persons
Service providers, 1549
Services, mnst, 398
Employment, 1489
Infrastructure investment, 492
Performance, 4102
Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders, 4212
Awards, 2888
Choice, 654
Class sizes, 633q
Curriculum, 2813q, 3366q, 3760q, 3771q
Early childhood, 2419, 4145, 4209
Early intervention program, 3974q, 3976q
Facilities, 1983q
Gifted and talented students, 437q, 2241qn
Parental engagement, 639q, 4075q
Priorities, 3275
Public education week, 1595q
Reform, 562
School chaplaincy program, 4192q, 4209q
Code of conduct, 1386q
Recruitment, 63q, 420q, 430q
Workloads, 2814q
Teaching hours, 3374q, 3674q
Training excellence awards, 3182
Vocational training, mnst, 2723, 3199, 3561
Education and care services national law, regulations, 1885
Employment, government support, 165
Energy, renewable, 2802
Environment, OECD livable cities report, 3440
Gaming reforms, 3462q
Legislation, 407, 412
Racing codes, 3673q
Report, 4214
Gaming Machine (Red Tape Reduction) Amendment Bill 2013, prin, 412, 3840, 3961, detail, 3963
Government, Minister Burch, mnc, 10
Gugan Gulwan Youth Aboriginal Corporation, support, 576
Gungahlin, schools, 2307
Health, Medicare co-payments, 1843
Human rights, racial discrimination, 823
Industrial relations, workers' rights and conditions, 3140
Infrastructure, urban renewal, 3734
Insurance, national disability insurance scheme, 762q
Legislative Assembly
Members, Corbell, Mr S, leave of absence, 3325
Papers, 92, 322, 441, 770, 982, 2007, 3269, 3992
Points of order, 166, 2501, 2506, 2817, 4099, 4101
Valedictory, 4265
Molonglo Valley, schools, 2467q
Multicultural affairs
Fringe Festival, 56q, 298q, 707qn, 1185q, 1187q, 1188q, 1319q
National Multicultural Festival, 302q, 965q, 980
Scholarships for translators and interpreters, 381qn
Symposium, 3881q
Multiculturalism, community activities, 3413, 3418
Planning, urban renewal, 3734
Planning and Development Act, variation to territory plan No 182, mnrs, 4
Capital works, 184q, 1103q
CCTV installations, 4363qn
Chaplaincy program, 3035q, 3236q, 3246q, 3877q
Councils, 2203
Disabled students, 3668q
Early intervention programs, 3481
Emergency incidents, 2183q, 2194q
Enrolments, 976q
Fencing, 377qn, 4364qn
Gungahlin, 2307
Infrastructure, 2770
Molonglo Valley, 2467q
My School website, 522q
Online enrolments, 1193q
Parental engagement, 3893
Primary schools, 2187q
Safety, 2733q
Temperature guidelines, 51q
Weapons, 3116q
Sculthorpe, Mr P, death, 2532
Students, learning difficulties, 40
Teachers, statistics, 4366qn
Totalisator Bill 2013, prin, 407, detail, 408
Training and Tertiary Education Amendment Bill 2014, prin, 3199, 3561
Transport, policy, 3734
Whitlam, Mr G AC QC, death, 3536
Economic and financial progress, 394, 3338
Services, 1477q
White Ribbon Day, 4042
Youth, justice blueprint, 1672q

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