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ACT men's sheds, support, 1229
ACT public service, bullying, 3565q
ACT Rescue and Foster (ARF) Inc, re-homing unwanted dogs, 3398
ACTION bus service
Network, 2945q
Park-and-ride facilities, 2193q
Alcohol, law reform, 1391q
Appropriation Bill 2014-2015, detail, (Education and Training Directorate), 2389, 2507, (Housing ACT), 2570
Appropriation (Loose-fill Asbestos Insulation Eradication) Bill 2014-2015, prin, 4329
Belconnen Arts Centre, 243
Funding, 2591q, 3036q
Support, 2859, 2873
Loose-fill insulation, 2737, 3664q, 4299, 4329
Worker safety, 3118q
Belconnen, expenditure, 2593q
Benn, Mr AW, death, 582
Births, Deaths and Marriages Registration Amendment Bill 2013, prin, 691
Broadcasting, ABC budget cuts, 4015
Emergency services, 1862q
Health funding, 1734q, 1859q, 2460q
Services and infrastructure, 1716
West Belconnen, 2593q
Calvary Hospital
Beds, 1581q, 3865q
Birth centre, 630q
Patient care, 3966q
Canberra, public drinking fountains, 966q
Child care, 101, 2008
Foster care, 3080
Out-of-home care, 1750q
Spence Children's Cottage childcare, 2891
Youth justice, 3763q
Death review committee, 4207q
Trauma recovery centre, 4080q
Community legal centres, hub, 759q
Community radio, importance, 1253
Community services
Men's sheds, 2309
Microcredit program, 3984q
Compensation, workers compensation, 3352
Construction industry, inquiry, 808
High Court, Norrie case, 850q
Legal aid funding, 1594q
Restorative justice, 3871q
Youth justice, 1673q, 3763q
Crime, sentencing reform, 1199q
Development, regional, 245, 260
Disability services
Insurance, 3127q
Respite care, 3251q
Dogs, re-homing, 3398
AAA credit rating, 3453q
Business development, 1307q
Digital Canberra action plan, 886, 906
Digital Canberra, 511q
Employment, 1100q, 1451
IKEA store, 1302q
Infrastructure, 490
Investment, 430q
Performance, 4097
Stimulus, 2820q
Choice, 662
Early childhood, 2411, 2422
Early intervention program, 3975q
Facilities, 1982q
Fred Hollows schools award, 2760
Gifted and talented policy, 439q
National curriculum, 3368q
Parental engagement, 641q, 4076q
Priorities, 3283
Public education week, 1597q
Reform, 567
Teacher recruitment, 62q
Emergency services
Budget impact, 1862q
Gungahlin, 2100q
Investment, 2312q
Government support, 144, 200
Paid domestic violence leave, 3705
Penalty rates, 3602
Renewable, 309q, 3784, 3797, 4196q
Solar, 3679q
Wind, 432q, 3043q
Bilateral agreement, 972q
OECD livable cities report, 3436, 3574q
Water quality, 188q
Water strategy, 2586q
West Belconnen, 3255q
Woodlands, 3770q
AAA credit rating, 3453q
Federal budget impact, 1465q, 1668q
Attendance, 3377q
Support, 3134q
Gambling, gaming reforms, 3465q
Ginninderra Falls, environmental protection, 3255q
Government, community sector relationships, 3246q
Gungahlin, emergency services, 2100q
Breast screening, 1375q
Budget, 2460q
Childhood obesity, 54q
Election commitments, 4199q
Infrastructure, 1859q
Suicide prevention program, 786
Universal healthcare scheme, 2146
Heart Foundation, walking group, 458
Holidays Amendment Bill 2014, prin, 1964
Affordable housing scheme, 1315q
Homelessness, 2108
Human rights
Gender assignment, 691
Gender equality, 850q
Marriage equality, 3489, 3505
Racial discrimination, 827
Immigration, asylum seekers, 118
Industrial relations
Holidays, 1964
Workers' rights and conditions, 3094, 3145
Information technology, Canberra innovation network, 962q
Public-private partnerships, 3877q
Urban renewal, 3728
Kangaroos, cull, 2178q
Legislative Assembly
Committee system, 601
Administration and Procedure, 601
Estimates 2014-2015, 1950
Planning, Environment and Territory and Municipal Services, 2547, 3224
Public Accounts, 4299
Regional Development, 245, 260, 311
Members, apology, 2529
Points of order, 2506, 2512, 3129, 4100
Valedictory, 4268
Marriage, same-sex marriage, 3489, 3505
May Day, rally, 1132
Menís shed program, grants, 3582q
Molonglo Valley, schools, 2467q
Multicultural affairs
Fringe Festival, 299q
Symposium, 3883q
Multiculturalism, Azerbaijani community, 701
National Commission of Audit, recommendations, 1182q
National Youth Week, activities, 851q
Barbecue facilities, 766q
Facilities, 1519, 1529
Calwell, 3580q
Civic Olympic Pool site, 2466q
Hackett shopping centre, 3455q
Riverview proposal, 3255q
Territory plan, 3456q
Tuggeranong, 1973q
Urban renewal, 3728
Ashley Drive, 1989q, 3001q
Parking fines, 2093q
Speed and red light cameras, 530q
Spofforth Street, 976q
Capital works, 1103q
Chaplaincy program, 3035q, 3239q, 3247q
Macgregor Primary School, 3184, 4139
Molonglo Valley, 2467q
My School website, 524q
Online enrolments, 1195q
Parental engagement, 3887
Primary schools, 2187q
Social welfare, carers, 3471
Basketball, 909, 1003
Economic benefit, 299q
Events, 634q, 3671q
Government support, 179q
Active transport initiatives, 3383
Light rail, 2741, 3032q, 3586, 3666q, 3754q, 4204q
Planning, 2938q
Policy, 3728
Infrastructure projects, 1989q
Planning, 1973q
Public drinking fountains, 966q
Quality, 188q
Strategy, 2586q
Whitlam, Mr G AC QC, death, 3541
Economic progress, 3336
Services, 1477q
White Ribbon Day, 4049
Workers Compensation (Cross-border Workers) Amendment Bill 2014, prin, 3352
Justice blueprint, 1673q
National Youth Week, 851q

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