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ACT Emergency Services Agency, management, 388q
ACT Housing, Spotless facilities manager, 3613qn
ACT men's sheds, support, 1236
ACT public service
Contractors, 2315q
Information technology security, 969q
IT security, 1349q
Office accommodation, 2430
ACTEW Corporation Ltd
Corporate intent, 1686
Flood mitigation, 958q
ACTION bus services, free services, 66q
Corporate intent, 1686
Proposed sale, 751q
Sale, 2446, 2461q
Tax revenue, 2092q
Appropriation (Loose-fill Asbestos Insulation Eradication) Bill 2014-2015, 4211, prin, 4334
Appropriation (Office of the Legislative Assembly) Bill 2013-2014 (No 2), prin, 610
Appropriation Bill 2013-2014 (No 2), prin, 608, 1362
Appropriation Bill 2014-2015, prin, 1674, detail, (Appropriations), 2263, (ACT Executive), 2264, ACTEW Corporation), 2275, (Chief Minister, Treasury and Economic Development Directorate), 2349, 2356 (Commerce and Works Directorate), 2359, (Education and Training Directorate), 2401, (Exhibition Park Corporation), 2554, (Housing ACT), 2572, (Independent Competition and Regulatory Commission), 2575, (Superannuation Provision Account), 2624, (Territory Banking Account), 2639, (Treasurer's Advance), 2641
Appropriation (Office of the Legislative Assembly) Bill 2014-2015, prin, 1684, 2644
Loose-fill eradication, 3929, 4303, 4334
Supplementary budget papers, 4211
Auditor-General, report No 7, 769
Auditor-General Amendment Bill 2014, prin, 2168
Australian Red Cross, centenary, 2161
Consolidated financial report, 1463q, 1598q
Deficit, 213, 218
Deficit, 4074q, 4078q, 4380q
Ginninderra initiatives, 2181q
ICT cost savings, 1986q
Infrastructure costs, 1985q
Infrastructure, 1740q
North Canberra infrastructure, 2088q
Presentation, 1674
Rates increases, 1855q
Review, 78
Services and infrastructure, 1696, 1718
Street lights sale, proposed, 1733q
Superannuation, 1862q
Tourism, 2463q
Civil contracting, 2458q
Commercial leases, 610
Silicon Valley, 392
Small business, 3999
Territory-owned corporations, 612
Tourism, Events and Sport Division, staff, 2244qn
Canberra, priority issues, 1149
Capital works, projects, 2986qn
Chief Minister, election, 4347, 4349
Commerce and Works Directorate, staff, 1914qn
Community services, human services blueprint, 1382q
Construction industry
Development conditions, 501, 535
Hewatt Earthworks, 1918q
Regulation, 130
Convention centre
Proposed, 1423, 3117q, 3249q
Sizes, 3449q, 3680, 3871q
Development, extension of time system, 923
Disabled persons, support, 265
Duties (Commercial Leases) Amendment Bill 2014, prin, 610, 998
Economic Development, Policy and Governance Division, staff, 2247qn
AAA credit rating, 3452q
Business development, 1305q
Digital Canberra action plan, 897, 902
Employment growth, 1098q
Employment, 1408, 1449
Growth, 59q
Infrastructure, 482
Investment, 428q, 1585q
North Canberra, 517q
Performance, 3804, 4084
Private sector employment, 1783
Stimulus, 626q, 2820q
Government support, 153, 196
Growth, 752q
Energy, renewable, 2799
Molonglo Valley annual report, 1918q
Molonglo Valley report, 1579q
OECD livable cities report, 3431, 3574q
Exhibition Park Corporation Repeal Bill 2014, prin, 3950, 3548
AAA credit rating, 3452q
Federal budget impact, 1467q, 1613
Government expenditure, 76, 80, 768, 1322, 1362, 1400, 1600, 1881, 1992, 1993, 2596, 3988, 3989
Investment, 1408
Attendance, 3377q
Support, 3132q
Gambling, unclaimed dividends, 2591q, 2999q
Contracts, 2244qn
Executive contracts, 980
Expenditure, 1114
Minister Burch, mnc, 30
Minister for the Environment and Sustainable Development, mnc, 1088
Ministerial arrangements, 749, 834, 957, 2177
Online transactions, 1986q
Red tape reduction, 1817
Health, Tuggeranong Community Health Centre, 837q
Hewatt Earthworks, projects, 1388q, 1598q
Hospitals, secure mental health facilities, 834q, 979q
Community housing, 2180q
Finance, 3676q
Homelessness, 2104
Investment, 2316q
Land rent scheme, 204, 510q, 627q
Property values, 2975qn
Public, 3369q
Rates, 367qn, 2252qn, 2680qn
Stamp duty, 384qn
Human rights
Marriage equality, 3503
Racial discrimination, 826
Icon Water Ltd, corporate intent statement, 3990
IKEA, capital works and concessions, 1629qn
Independent Competition and Regulatory Commission
Reports, 1996
Water pricing, 749q, 963q
Independent Competition and Regulatory Commission (Water and Sewerage Price Direction) Bill 2014, prin, 925, 1275
Industrial relations, workers' rights and conditions, 3138
Information technology
Canberra innovation network, 961q
Security, 969q
Proposed new convention centre, 1423, 3117q, 3249q
Public-private partnerships, 1189q, 3877q
Urban renewal, 3726
Catastrophic injuries, 946, 950, 993
Third-party, 363qn
International affairs
Japan, 3620
Singapore, 393, 3620
Land, commence and complete charges, 366qn
Land Tax Amendment Bill 2014, prin, 1820, 2660
Legislative Assembly
Committee reports, government responses, 2198
Estimates 2014-2015, 279, 1880, 2259
Public Accounts, 1356, 4303
Legislation program, 2194
Members Barr, Mr A, delegation to Singapore and Japan, 3620
Papers, 319, 1882, 2198, 3261, 3379, 3586, 3884, 4212
Points of order, 881, 883, 2508, 3450
Lifetime Care and Support (Catastrophic Injuries) Bill 2014, prin, 265, 946, detail, 950, 993
Major Events Bill 2014, prin, 2707
Marriage, same-sex marriage, 3517
National Youth Week, activities, 851q
Payroll Tax Amendment Bill 2014, prin, 1818, 2652, detail, 2654
City to lake project, 3027q
Civic pool, 2819q
Civic revitalisation, 2836
Civic stadium proposal, 2592q
Conder medical centre, proposed, 873
EPIC, 3950
Fees, 960q
Free wi-fi services, 516q
Infrastructure, 1330, 4221
Urambi school site, 437q
Urban renewal, 3726
Yarralumla brickworks, 2047, 2304q, 3872q
Planning and Development (Extension of Time) Amendment Bill 2014, prin, 923, 1051, detail, 1055, 1058
Planning and Development (Project Facilitation) Amendment Bill 2014, prin, 724
Racing industry, unclaimed dividends, 2999q
Red Tape Reduction Legislation Amendment Bill 2014, prin, 1817
Civil contracting projects, 2989qn
Majura Parkway, 1091q, 1182q
Spofforth Street, 974q
Seniors, concessions, 3567q
Prices, 1275
Pricing, 925
AFC Asian Cup Australia, 4378qn
Beach volleyball, 630q, 1102q
Canteen upgrades, 839q, 1351q
Crowd figures, 841q
Economic benefit, 299q
Homophobia, 988
ICC Cricket World Cup, 4377qn
Volleyball, 1343qn
Woden athletics track, 376qn
Woden oval redevelopment, 764q, 845q
Steel, Mr K, death, 3185
Budget impact, 1862q
Liabilities, 3978q
Duties, commercial leases, 998
Land tax, 1820, 2660
Payroll tax, 1818, 1980q, 2186q, 2652, 2654
Stamp duty concessions, 1023qn
Territory-owned Corporations Amendment Bill 2014, prin, 612
Budget, 2463q
Events, 634q
Government support, 177q
Major events, 2707, 3671q
Visitor numbers, 2880, 3879q
Trade, Singapore and Hong Kong, mnst, 2694
Light rail, 1389q
Policy, 3726
Portland light rail system, 391
Googong Dam, 958q
Pricing, 749q, 925, 963q
Whitlam, Mr G AC QC, death, 3533
Yarralumla (Canberra) brickworks, remediation, 2047, 2304q
Youth, National Youth Week, 851q

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