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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2013 Week 14 Hansard (28 November) . . Page.. 4528..

More detailed information on activities within outputs is available in annual reports. This includes audited financial statements. Data is not available in the form and at the level requested without diversion of significant resources from the Justice and Community Safety Directorate's ongoing business that I am not prepared to authorise.

Bushfires—fuel management plan (Question No 184)

Mr Smyth asked the Minister for Police and Emergency Services, upon notice, on 31 October 2013 (redirected to the Minister for Territory and Municipal Services):

(1) In which month and year did the Government remove the Bushfire Fuel Management Plan 1998 from government agencies and public libraries.

(2) How were these plans disposed of.

(3) Where were they removed from.

(4) Does the Government still retain copies of this Plan in government agencies; if so, where.

(5) Does the Government still retain copies of this Plan in public libraries; if so, where.

Mr Rattenbury: The answer to the member's question is as follows:

(1) The Bushfire Fuel Management Plan (BFFMP) 1998 was prepared in an effort to combine the bushfire fuel management activities being undertaken by the three major ACT land management agencies in place at that time. It had a two year review period with BFFMP's being prepared in 2000 and 2002. After the fires in January 2003 and following recommendations from the McLeod Report, the Bushfires Act was repealed and in 2004 it was replaced with the Emergencies Act. The Emergencies Act specified the requirement for a Strategic Bushfire Management Plan to replace the previous Bushfire Fuel Management Plan in recognition that fire preparedness was more than purely bushfire fuel management. It is not known in which month or year the Bushfire Fuel Management Plan 1998 was physically removed from government agencies.

(2) TAMS still have a copy on file for historical purposes. It is not known how other agencies handled the disposal of this obsolete document.

(3) This is unknown as it became the responsibility of those who had copies of this document.

(4) The ACT Parks and Conservation Services Fire Unit still retain a copy of this document. It is kept as a historical document as it provides a good indication of the significant progress that the ACT Government has made in relation to fire preparedness across the ACT.

(5) The ACT Heritage Library has two copies of the Bushfire Fuel Management Plan 1998 and the Assembly Library has three copies.

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