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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2013 Week 14 Hansard (28 November) . . Page.. 4515..

details below)), then multiplies the resulting cost by the total annual output of each of the ACT solar generators that will receive a feed-in tariff entitlement. This amount equals the total annual large-scale feed-in tariff pass-through cost. To arrive at the annual per-household pass-through cost, the total cost is divided by the proportion of ACT electricity sales consumed by households then that amount is divided by the total number of Territory households (see further details below). The weekly household cost is the annual household cost divided by 52.

Generator Capacity: MW FiT price: $/MWh 2016 wholesale price + solar premium: $/MWh 2016 generation: MWh 2016 weekly household cost 2021 wholesale price + solar premium: $/MWh 2021 generation: MWh 2021 weekly household cost Zhenfa 13 $178 $59.92 21,913 $0.131 $101.73 20,790 $0.076 OneSun 7 $186 $59.92 11,627 $0.074 $101.73 11,451 $0.046 FRV 20 $186 $59.92 38,065 $0.242 $101.73 37,310 $0.150 Total 71,605 $0.447 69,551 $0.272

(2) The 2021 wholesale price used in the model was $88.46/MWh, equal to the $86.30/MWh NSW (carbon inclusive) wholesale price forecast by Bloomberg New Energy Finance for 2020 with annual inflation of 2.5% added. A premium of 15% is added to this amount to take account of solar generation at times of higher than average wholesale prices (a premium recommended by Bloomberg New Energy Finance) to get a premium-inclusive wholesale price of $101.73/MWh.

(3) For 2016, the assumed number of ACT households was 154,734 and for 2021 it was 163,385.

(4) The generation capacity of the solar plant to be developed by FRV Royalla Solar Farm Pty Limited is 20MWAC; the capacity of the plant to be developed by OneSun Capital 10MW Operating Pty Ltd is 10MWAC (3MW of which will not be supported by the large-scale feed-in tariff); and the capacity of the plant to be developed by Zhenfa Canberra Solar Farm One Pty Limited is 13MWAC. The total generating capacity of the three solar facilities is 40MWAC. This is the maximum amount of instantaneous power that may be produced by the facilities at the AC terminals of the inverter. Annual generation rates, estimated by the proponents are presented in the Table above (see 2016: generation MWh and 2021: generation MWh).

(5) This figure was arrived at by taking the total annual output from the three ACT solar generators that will receive a feed-in tariff entitlement, 71,605MWh/yr, then dividing it by the current average annual ACT household consumption of electricity which is around 7MWh/yr. The result is the number of households for which the solar facilities are able to produce 100% of their electricity (10,229, rounded down to 10,000).

Budget—lease variation charge (Question No 168)

Mr Coe asked the Treasurer, upon notice, on 30 October 2013:

(1) How many applications for adaptive re-use remission of the lease variation charge (LVC) have been made under DI2012-79.

(2) How many of these applications have been approved.

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