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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2013 Week 13 Hansard (31 October) . . Page.. 4130..

I ask leave to make a statement in relation to the paper.

Leave granted.

MR CORBELL: A motion on the monitoring of variation 306 was moved by Minister Rattenbury and passed by the Assembly on 8 May this year. Minister Rattenbury's motion called on the government to invite community feedback on specific clauses of concern that might be addressed through technical variations and report to the Assembly on the progress of any technical variations related to variation 306 by the last sitting day in October 2013.

The Environment and Sustainable Development Directorate have been in regular discussions with industry about the changes included in variation 306. Various interest groups attended briefing sessions held by the Environment and Sustainable Development Directorate, including community representatives, certifiers, architects, building designers, planners and the building industry.

A technical amendment was prepared in response to specific provisions of concern that have been raised with the Environment and Sustainable Development Directorate. Technical amendment 2013-10 was available for public comment between 2 August and 30 August this year, during which time seven submissions were received. Overall the submissions were supportive of most of the changes. Minor changes were made to the technical amendment after review of the comments received.

A second technical amendment addressing further issues in relation to variation 306 was prepared, with technical amendment 2013-12 released for public consultation on 25 October this year. This document will be available for public comment until 25 November this year.

While many of the issues that were raised with the Environment and Sustainable Development Directorate were addressed through the two technical amendments, other issues were not. The majority of these were policy issues that were either specific policy changes introduced with variation 306 or related to policies that were contained in the previous codes. These issues will be considered by the Environment and Sustainable Development Directorate in any future review of relevant policy.

Children and young people—early intervention

Discussion of matter of public importance

MR ASSISTANT SPEAKER (Mr Doszpot): Madam Speaker has received letters from Ms Berry, Dr Bourke, Mr Gentleman, Mr Hanson, Mrs Jones, Ms Lawder, Mr Smyth and Mr Wall proposing that matters of public importance be submitted to the Assembly. In accordance with standing order 79, Madam Speaker has determined that the matter proposed by Mr Gentleman be submitted to the Assembly, namely:

The importance of early intervention in improving outcomes for Canberra's children and young people.

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