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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2013 Week 12 Hansard (24 October) . . Page.. 3831..

Dr Bourke: On a point of order.

MADAM SPEAKER: Minister Burch, sit down.

Dr Bourke: I have heard the opposition leader calling out the word "dodgy". I am sure that is unparliamentary language, and I would ask him to withdraw.

MADAM SPEAKER: On the basis that I honestly did not hear it because there was so much interjecting—

Ms Gallagher: That is yet another problem.

MADAM SPEAKER: Thank you, Chief Minister.

Mr Hanson: On the point of order, I can clarify that I did say it.

MADAM SPEAKER: You did say it?

Mr Hanson: I can clarify I did, but, on the point of order, I would dispute the fact that dodgy in this case is unparliamentary. I think it is a very accurate description of the Labor Party's relationship when it comes to pokies in the Labor clubs.

Mr Barr: On a point of order, Madam Speaker, you cannot let that stand. You cannot use a point of order to repeat an accusation that is unparliamentary.

MADAM SPEAKER: First of all, I have not ruled that it is unparliamentary, for a start. Mr Hanson owned up to using the word "dodgy". It is a line ball. It could be argued—

Mr Hanson: That it's dodgy.

MADAM SPEAKER: Mr Hanson, that is not helpful. It could be argued, as I discussed in the statement earlier in the week, that a lot of this is fair comment in a political environment. However, I think I will err on the side of upholding the standards of this place, because of the whole lot of interjections and the point of order. Your response, Mr Barr, again is also a problem. I will ask Mr Hanson to withdraw the word "dodgy". Without any sort of theatrics, I ask you to withdraw.

Mr Hanson: Without any further theatrics, without any sort of theatrics, I withdraw the word "dodgy".

MADAM SPEAKER: I would also like you, Mr Barr, to be mindful of what I said the other day about the sorts of responses to my rulings. I had not even made a ruling at that stage.

Mr Barr: I rose to make a point of order, which I believe I am entitled to do.

MADAM SPEAKER: I am sorry. If you rise to make a point of order, you rise and you say "point of order"—

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