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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2013 Week 11 Hansard (19 September) . . Page.. 3491..

MR HANSON: as an executive decision of the government in 2010, how is it that you were oblivious to the fact that the police had amalgamated this entity with the city beat without even bothering to inform you?

MR CORBELL: Again, the premise of Mr Hanson's question is wrong—I was not.

MADAM SPEAKER: Have you got a supplementary question, Mr Hanson.

MR HANSON: Yes, thank you. Will you now reduce the ongoing fees for the hospitality industry—now that you are not delivering the service that was promised by your government?

MR CORBELL: I do not know how many times I have to say it: the premise of Mr Hanson's question is wrong. I do not know whether he was listening to the answer I gave to Ms Lawder earlier, so I will repeat it: there is no reduction in the number of police on the beat; there is no reduction in the number of police targeting alcohol-related crime and violence; and there is no reduction in our capacity to deal with alcohol-related crime and violence. The only reduction we are seeing is the reduction in the level of alcohol-related crime and violence in our city because of this government's reforms.

Construction industry—activity

MS PORTER: Madam Speaker, my question, through you, is to the Minister for Economic Development. Minister, can you update the Assembly on recent construction activity in the ACT?

MADAM SPEAKER: Could you just bear with me for a second. Could I just ask a question, Mr Barr. Is the LDA your responsibility?

Mr Barr: Yes.

MADAM SPEAKER: Fine. Can you update the Assembly? Thank you.

MR BARR: Thank you very much, Madam Speaker. I am pleased that construction is considered part of economic development in the city.

MADAM SPEAKER: No. Actually, the point was, Mr Barr, that I was puzzling whether you had ministerial responsibility for construction, not economic activity.

MR BARR: Thank you for that guidance, Madam Speaker. I am pleased to advise the Assembly, through you, that there are a number of exciting developments in progress across the territory.

Mr Hanson: Is he being smarmy?

MR BARR: You would win any contest on that score, Mr Hanson.

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