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Legislative Assembly for the ACT: 2013 Week 6 Hansard (7 May) . . Page.. 1627..

MS GALLAGHER: Yes, because they have not funded their schools properly, Mr Hanson. If you will listen to me, he is doing very well because their schools are under-resourced. That is what you do not get. So where we have made the resourcing allocations, our schools are already at it.

Mr Hanson: So you are going to accept less?

MS GALLAGHER: I would refer Mr Hanson back to the Gonski report. I think he needs to refresh his memory on what we are actually dealing with here.

Mr Hanson: You're selling out the ACT.

MS GALLAGHER: As usual, it is the simplistic approach from Mr Hanson. You have failed to listen to anything that I have just said. This is about a national resourcing of students across the country, where everybody gets the same. Because the ACT government has provided the amount of funding—

Opposition members interjecting—

MADAM SPEAKER: Order, members!

MS GALLAGHER: You should actually be proud of our education system, Jeremy, not making fun of it.

ACTEW Corporation Ltd—management

MR COE: My question is to the Chief Minister. I refer to a recent freedom of information request made by the Canberra Times to your department for correspondence between yourself and ACTEW regarding executive remuneration. The Canberra Times claims that it was denied access to several key documents, including a report by independent remuneration consultants Egan Associates commissioned by ACTEW on the managing director's salary package and minutes of meetings held between 2009 and 2012. Chief Minister, why have you or your office not released the Egan Associates report on executive remuneration?

MS GALLAGHER: The application is being dealt with under the Freedom of Information Act which, again, Mr Coe might like to go and familiarise himself with, which does allow—

Mr Hanson: Open and accountable government.

MADAM SPEAKER: Order, Mr Hanson!

MS GALLAGHER: Indeed, if you go and read the FOI, which I am sure you have, online, and which is open and accountable government, Mr Hanson—

Mr Seselja interjecting—

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